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Health Resources

March 31, 2014 by pjorgensen

This section of our site has been discontinued.

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September 10, 2013 by lharvey

Photo: Nebraska State Capitol with Abraham Lincoln statue

Local Health Interests

Health Care:

     Health care national news releases

     The Affordable Care Act (Information from the White House)

     Affordable Care Act Highlights

     Resources through LCL

     Shopping Matters

Local Agencies

Department of Health and Human Services

City of Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Dept

Nebraska Dept of Insurance

Community Health Endowment

Community Health Charities

Answers for Families

Nebraska Dept of Education Coordinated School Health

Nebraska Nutrition Education Program

Family Service Lincoln

Tobacco-Free Nebraska

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

 Assisted Living Directory

National Agencies

Center for Disease Control


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Researching Health Information

June 24, 2013 by storysean

How can the library help you research your health condition?

We all know how scary and uncertain everything seems when we aren't feeling healthy. People often turn to their libraries to research conditions, treatments, and to help self-diagnose. Libraries are great places to do this, but we always recommend seeking a doctor's help first and foremost. We aren't doctors, but we can often put you in touch with important resources to help you understand a diagnosis or explore health issues.

One resource that we highly recommend for Nebraska residents is the CHIRS (pronounced "cheers") service from McGoogan Medical Library in Omaha. CHIRS is a service for residents that have been doctor diagnosed with a condition or illness and are looking for authoritative information to expand their understanding. After you submit a CHIRS request a medical librarian will personally compile the latest information from reliable sources and deliver it to you either electronically or through the mail--for free.

Many people prefer to search online resources themselves. For them, we recommend our electronic resources like Health & Wellness Resource Center and our Health and Medicine collection of eBooks. Health & Wellness Resource Center is a comprehensive database of over 400 health/medical journals, hundreds of pamphlets, and over 700 health-related videos. Both resources are available online to valid Lincoln City Libraries cardholders. Health and Medicine eBooks are collections of full-text material on a variety of subjects--some even in Spanish. (Please note: these eBooks are not downloadable for use with an e-Reader; they are intended for reading on a computer screen.) What makes these resources special, is that they are compiled from reliable sources--saving you the work of evaluating the reliability of multiple Websites and disparate resources.

If Online resources aren't for you, then make sure to come into your local library branch and talk to a librarian about what books, magazines, and reference material they may have available. Our librarians are also available to help demonstrate some of our electronic resources. Many of our resources can be printed out for you to take home. 

We hope that Lincoln City Libraries can help you discover the resources that best address your health questions. We do recommend that everyone researching health-related information first contact their physician or health care provider and evaluate information for reliability and authority. The Medical Library Association provides a User's Guide to Finding and Evaluating Health Information on the Web.

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Medical Missions

December 22, 2011 by Webmaster

PodcastListen now - 64:28, 29.5 MB

One Book, One LincolnIn the final presentation of the 2011 One Book, One Lincoln program, a panel of medical professionals from Lincoln shares their experiences volunteering in medical mission projects abroad.

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'Casting About, Program 28

January 09, 2009 by Webmaster
Crowdsourcing, Dewey, and How Doctors Think

PodcastListen now - 18:23, 8.4 MB

Scott, Julie, and Pat discuss these books:

Crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe
Dewey: the Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
by Vicki Myron
How Doctors Think
by Jerome Groopman

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