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'The Children's World' sculpture The Children's World

Artist: Gary E. Coulter

Location: adjacent to the N Street entrance of Bennett Martin Public Library

The relief sculture The Children's World was donated to Bennett Martin Public Library by private contributions made in honor of Dorothy Bridgmon Martin through the Lincoln Foundation, Inc., and is located outside the entrance to the Youth Services department.


'The Eternal Quest' sculpture The Eternal Quest

Artist: Gary E. Coulter

Location: Courtyard, Bennett Martin Public Library

Shown basking in the summer sunshine, the three figures in The Eternal Quest were once featured in the midst of an icy cold winter in a photo on the front page of the Lincoln Journal Star. Some waggish prankster had decked them out in miniature stocking caps and scarves to ward off the winter's chill. The sculpture was donated to the library by Mr. and Mrs. Arnott Folsom in memory of Mrs. Folsom's mother.

Artist Gary Coulter was born in Oberlin, Kansas in 1935. Coulter has been a Professor of Art at Hastings College since 1963.


'The Blizzard of 1888' sculpture The Blizzard of 1888

Artist: Herb Mignery

Location: Gere Branch Library

Artist Herb Mignery was born in Bartlett, Nebraska and grew up on a cattle ranch. His work depicts the traditional western life and, like The Blizzard of 1888, often emphasizes the hard work and challenge of life on the plains. A member and past president of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America, Mignery currently lives and works in Colorado. This sculpture, commissioned by the Friends of the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was donated to the library by the family of Harold and Gretchen Schutte.


'Alabaster Fish' sculpture, with 'The City' sculpture in background Alabaster Fish and The City

Artists: Zady C. Booth, Katherine Nash

Location: Southwest corner window, 1st floor, Bennett Martin Public Library

Over the years the library has received many gifts and permanent loans of art. The Alabaster Fish in the foreground and The City, partially visible on the right, are on permanent loan to the library from the Lincoln Artists' Guild. Both are on display under the southwest stairwell, where they can be seen by passersby on N Street and 14th Street.


'Head of a Woman' sculpture Head of a Woman

Artist: Barbara Laging

Location: Southwest corner window, 1st floor, Bennett Martin Public Library

Also on display in the southwest corner windows is this fine sculpture of a woman's face sculpted from limestone. This sculpture is owned by Lincoln City Libraries.

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