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Privacy of Library Files

Information from a customer's record is confidential and can be disclosed to non-library staff only under certain circumstances. Library records that contain information about customers, the materials they have used, Internet usage, or the information they have sought, are private and must be treated as confidential information. Access by and disclosure of these records to non-authorized library personnel are acceptable in these circumstances:
  1. For internal purposes (such as the recovery of lost or stolen library materials and/or fines), the Library Director may grant access or disclose to any federal, state or municipal government agency, including representatives of law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys.
  2. In all other situations, a valid subpoena or court order is required to disclose or release library records.
  3. Library staff may be prohibited by law from disclosing to the customer whose records were accessed, released, or subpoenaed.
See Neb. Rev. Stat. §84-712.05: Records which may be withheld from the public.
See Section 215 and 505 of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, Public Law 107-56.

Adopted by Library Board: August 20, 1981
Revised: June 18, 1996; June 17, 2003, January 13, 2005