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How These Figures Were Calculated

Value of Library Services

A list of estimated or average Nebraska values with explanation


Estimated Retail Value

Value Explained

Books Borrowed $15 Estimated average discount cost of hardcover & paperback
Magazines Borrowed $3.50 Estimated cost to purchase a popular periodical issue
Movies Borrowed $6.00 Sample Video Rental at Video Store
Audio Books Borrowed or Downloaded
$10.00 Introductory Rental Price at
Magazine Use in Library $3.50 Estimated cost to purchase a popular periodical issue.
Meeting Room Use Per Hour $50 Estimate
Adult Program and Classes Attended $10 Estimate
Teen Program Attended $10 Estimate
Children's Program Attended $6 Estimate
Hours of Computer Use (e.g., Internet, MS Word per hour $12 Sample hourly rate at a copy center
Searches in Online Database (per search) $1.50 Average cost per search
Reference Questions Asked $7 Estimated cost per question