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Art in the Lincoln City Libraries

Recognizing that libraries serve as cultural centers, the Lincoln City Libraries has collected many interesting and unique pieces of artwork through the years. This gallery is a showcase for selected examples of the art on display in the libraries. (Some pieces may no longer be in the locations they were in when these pages were created.)

The artwork has been divided into four categories. Click on any one to begin.

An effort has been made to limit the size and number of graphics on each page of the gallery (3-5 pictures per page, with file sizes averaging 8 to 46 Kb), so that they will display quickly. Still, those with slower modems may want to skip this feature.

Scott Stewart from the Lincoln City Libraries Reference Department wrote the text and took the photographs for these web pages. The text, however, is largely adapted from the Lincoln City Libraries Art Inventory Catalogue prepared by Laura Lacy in 1995, and the assistance of Administrative Aide Barbara Hansen and others was indispensable.