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Art in the Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors

'Over the Olson' painting Over the Olson

Artist: Ruth Rosekrans Hoffman

Location: Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors

Rosekrans Hoffman, children's book author and illustrator, is a native Nebraskan (born in Denton, NE). Known for her "old-world" colors and unusual perspectives, her work has earned her a nomination for the Caldecott Award and election to the Society of Illustrators. After living in Connecticut for many years, Hoffman has returned to Lincoln where she currently lives and works.

'Red Entrance' painting Red Entrance

Artist: Weldon Kees

Location: Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors

Nebraska native Weldon Kees, known chiefly for his poetry and other writings, also worked as an abstract expressionist painter and filmmaker in the post-World War II period. He was one of a group of painters known as the "Irascible Eighteen," which included such artists as Adolph Gottlieb, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Willem DeKooning. Also a pioneer in experimental and avant-garde film, Kees was involved in both the East Coast and West Coast cultural scenes until his disappearance in 1955.

Detail from 'Here in Lincoln, December 10, 1922' cartoon Here in Lincoln, December 10, 1922; (detail; click image for larger version)

artist: Oz Black

Location: Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors

This charming cartoon is one of an ever-changing series of title drawings from Here in Lincoln, a long-running Sunday comic feature in the Lincoln Star newspaper drawn by Oswald Ragan ("Oz") Black. A fine cartoonist, Black was born in Illinois in 1898. He worked for the Star from 1919 through most of the 1920s, then freelanced briefly before becoming director of the art department at the Nebraska State Journal. The Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors owns a sizable collection of his work, which comments wryly on the local, state and national scene in a confident cartoon style. Black passed away in 1977.

'Red Headed Woodpecker' painting Red Headed Woodpecker

Artist: John Janovy

Location: Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors

Author, naturalist, artist and educator John Janovy was born in Houma, Louisiana in 1937. He studied at the University of Oklahoma, receiving his B.S. in 1959, his M.S. in 1962, and his Ph.D. in 1965. The author of several books, including Keith County Journal and Yellowlegs, Janovy has been a Professor of Biology and Life Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 1968.

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