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7 Ways Your Library Can Save You Money

Energize your household budget

The following tips are great ways to cut costs at home, while using the library.

1.    “Subscribe” to the library. Have you cut out magazine subscriptions at home or stopped the paper? Come to your local library branch to read the current issues of your favorite magazines. Don’t forget you can check-out back issues of almost all magazine subscriptions and take them home.  Many people don’t know that they can also access online periodical (magazine) databases on the library website.  You can easily connect to thousands of full-text articles in your favorite magazines and newspapers.  Take a look at our online magazine databases at

2.    “Watch” a movie from the library. Did you know the library has current DVDs and music CDs?  Take a break from high rental rates and choose a DVD at one of our eight locations for a family movie night. We might even have the hard-to-find title your local video store can’t get in for you. Can you really afford not to check-out a movie with no rental fee?

3.    “Read” first then buy.  Do you buy a lot of books?  Think about checking books out and then buying those you can’t do without.  The library can find just about any title you can imagine.  If we don’t own it, we can most likely get it from another library in the United States or world. Inter-Library Loan is a great low-cost service for those whose need the hard-to-find titles.

4.    “Access” our Internet and Wi-Fi.  Each Lincoln City Libraries location has free Internet and Wi-Fi available.  Make it a habit to enjoy our spaces and save at the same time.  Don’t be afraid to come in and enjoy our locations to escape the heat or find comfort away from the cold.

5.     “Attend” free programs at the library.  Your library offers comprehensive programming for both kids and adults.  These high quality programs include music, computer classes, guest speakers, book groups, arts and crafts, movies, and more.  Our summer reading programs for kids attracts thousands of attendees each year.  And One Book One Lincoln programming has become one of the signature adult events each year.  

6.    “Save” gas and walk to one of the local branches near home.  While there, research which cars are most economical, learn how to reduce your carbon footprint, and maximize household savings by learning how to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

7.    “Find” a new job or learn a new skill.  When you’re in, take a look at our résumé building books or job-hunting resources.  Some of these resources can even be accessed from home as eBooks.  You’ll also be amazed at the variety of free classes the library offers throughout the year.  It’s never too late to add some new tricks to your bag.  Energize your job search with tips from Lincoln City Libraries.

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Would you like some more information on how much your library is saving you out-of-pocket?  Visit our Library Value Calculator and find out what Lincoln City Libraries could save you.