New Music Books and Scores


     These are the new books and scores we have added to the Polley Music Collection in September 2014. They are now available for checkout on a first-come, first-serve basis.

780.03 Mus -- Music sociology: wxamining the role of music in social life
780.05 Pes -- Pesic, PEter. Music and the making of modern science
780.061 Sch -- Schraer-Joiner, Lyn E. Music for children with hearing loss: a resource for parents and teachers
780.23 Bor -- Borg, Bobby. Music marketing for the DIY musician
780.7 Fre -- Freeman, Robert. The crisis of classical music in America: lessons from a life in the education of musicians
780.71 Mus -- The musical experience: rethinking music teaching and learning
780.79 Spi -- Spitz, Bob. Barefoot in Babylon: the creation of the Woodstock music festival 1969
780.92 Stravinsky, Igor -- Carr, Maureen A. After the Rite: Stravinsky's path to neoclassicism (1914-25)
780.994 Sil -- Silverman, Jerry. Songs of Australia [vocal selections]
781.11 Lev -- Levitin, Daniel J. This is your brain on music
781.316 Bra -- Braheny, John. The craft and business of songwriting [3d ed.]
781.316 Pol -- Pollock, Michael. How to write funny lyrics: the comedy songwriting manual
781.432 Xiq -- Xiques, David J. Solfege and sonority: teaching music reading in the choral classroom
781.49 Bur -- Burgess, Richard James. The history of music production
781.49 Mur -- Murphy, Gareth. Cowboys and indies: the epic history of the record industry
781.542 Bur -- Burlingame, Jon. The music of James Bond
781.64 Dylan, Bob -- Batchelor, Bob. Bob Dylan: a biography
781.64 Les -- Leszczak, Bob. Who did it first? great pop cover songs and their original artists
781.64 Presley, Elvis -- Alden, Ginger. Elvis & Ginger
781.64 Rivera, Jenni -- Puente, Michael. Jenni Rivera: the diva of banda
781.64 Sta -- Stanley, Bob. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! the story of pop music from Bill Haley to Beyonce
781.642 Jar -- Jarrett, Michael. Producing country: the inside story of the great recordings
781.643 Rogers, Jimmy -- Goins, Wayne Everett. Blues all day long: the Jimmy Rogers story
781.65 Fry -- Fry, Andy. Paris blues: African American music and French popular culture, 1920-1960
781.65 Parker, Charlie -- Koch, Lawrence O. Yardbird suite [rev.ed.]
781.651 Gen -- The genius of the jazz giants: piano solos
781.66 AC/DC -- Fink, Jesse. The Youngs: the brothers who built AC/DC
781.66 Beatles -- Hill, Tim. 50 years with the Beatles
781.66 Beatles -- Leonard, Candy. Beatleness: how the Beatles and their fans remade the world
781.66 Boone, Steve -- Moss, Tony. Hotter than a match head: life on the run with The Lovin' Spoonful
781.66 Dead Kennedys -- Ogg, Alex. Dead Kennedys: fresh fruit for rotting vegetables, the early years
781.66 Les -- Leszczak, Bob. Who did it first? great rock and roll cover songs and their original artists
781.66 Nash, Graham -- Nash, Graham. Wild tales: a rock & roll life
781.66 Pop -- Popoff, Martin. The big book of hair metal
781.66 Rolling Stones -- Janovitz, Bill. Rocks off: 50 tracks that tell the story of the Rolling Stones
782.109 Hendricks, Barbara -- Hendricks, Barbara. Lifting my voice: a memoir
782.14 Bernstein, Leonard -- Oja, Carol J. Bernstein meets Broadway: collaborative art in a time of war
782.141 Sma -- Smalls, Charlie. The Wiz: vocal selections
782.251 Ses -- Sessions, Roger. Psalm 140: for soprano and organ
782.421 Dav -- Davies, Peter Maxwell. Dark angels: for voice and guitar
782.421 Die -- Diemer, Emma Lou. Four poems by Alice Meynell [voice and piano]
782.5 Wen -- Wenk, Arthur. Camerata: a guide to organizing and directing small choruses
783.2 Lei -- Leigh-Post, Karen. Mind-body awareness for singers: unleashing optimal performance
784.262 Str -- Stravinsky, Igor. Concerto for piano and wind instruments [2-piano score]
785.62 Str -- Stravinsky, Igor. Concerto per due pianoforti soli [2-piano score]
786.209 Kev -- Keveren, Phillip. Easy worship medleys [easy piano]
786.209 Rod -- Rodgers, Richard. The sound of music: big note piano
786.209 Wor -- Worship favorites: big-note piano
786.218 Car -- Carter, Elliott. Piano sonata (1945-46)
786.218 Dal -- Dallapiccola, Luigi. Quaderno musicale di annalibera: per pianoforte
786.218 Mos -- Moszkowski, Moritz. From foreign parts, op. 23 [piano]
786.218 Mos -- Moszkowski, Moritz. Spanish dances, op. 12 [piano]
786.218 Per -- Persichetti, Vincent. Parable: for piano
786.218 Per -- Persichetti, Vincent. Piano sonatinasI:1-3
786.218 Pro -- Prokofiev, Sergey. Pensees, op. 62 [piano solo]
786.218 Rac -- Rachmaninoff, Sergei. Miscellaneous pieces [piano solo]
786.218 Rac -- Rachmaninoff, Sergei. Variations on a theme of Chopin, opus 22; [Variations] on a theme of Corelli, opus 42 [piano solo]
786.218 Roc -- Rochberg, George. Partita-variations: for piano solo
786.218 Ror -- Rorem, Ned. Sonata III [piano solo]
786.218 Ror -- Rorem, Ned. Toccata [piano solo]
786.218 Shc -- Shchedrin, Rodion. Sonata for piano (1962)
786.218 Sol -- Soler, Antonio. 8 sonatas: for piano or harpsichord
786.218 Str -- Stravinsky, Igor. Sonate: pour piano (1924)
786.218 Szy -- Szymanowski, Karol. II sonata fortepianowa, A-dur, op. 21
786.218 Vil -- Villa-Lobos, Heitor. The piano music of Heitor Villa-Lobos [piano solo]
786.76 But -- Butler, Mark J. Playing with something that runs: technology, improvisation and composition in DJ and laptop performance
786.76 Hos -- Hosken, Dan. An introduction to music technology [2d ed.]
787.2 Gos -- Gosling, John. Violin manual: how to assess, buy, set-up and maintain your violin

Compact discs added in September 2014

Camp, Jeremy. Beyond measure
Debussy, Claude. La mer; Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune; Danses sacre et profane
Gershwin, Rhapsody in blue
Liszt, Franz. Piano concertos; Totentanz; Hungarian fantasy
Lutoslawski, Witold. Symphony no. 3; Les espaces du sommeil
Ravel, Maurice. String quartets
Schoenberg, Arnold. Verklarte Nacht, op. 4; Kammersymphonien, op. 9, op. 38
Stravinsky, Igor. Suite italienne; Duo concertant; Divertimento
Szymanowski, Karol. String quartet no. 1 in C major, op. 37; String quartet no. 2 , op. 56