New Music Books and Scores


     These are the new books and scores we have added to the Polley Music Collection in July 2014. They are now available for checkout on a first-come, first-serve basis.

780.23 Ows -- Owsinski, Bobby. Music 4.0: a survival guide tor making music in the internet age
780.954 Ina -- Inayat Kahn, Hazrat. The mysticism of sound and music
781.49 Mix -- Mixerman. Zen and the art of mixing, Rev2
781.54 Phi -- Phillips, Winifred. A composer's guide to game music
781.542 Williams, John -- Audissino, Emilio. John Williams's film music: Jaws, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the return of the classical Hollywood style
781.627 Coh -- Cohen, Hasina. One heart, many voices: a biographical history of the American Balkan scene
781.629 AmeAYs -- Schenbeck, Lawrence. Racial uplift and Americanmusic , 1878-1943
781.64 Presley, Elvis -- Freedland, Michael. Elvis memories: the real Elvis Presley by those who knew him
781.644 Braxton, Toni -- Braxton, Toni. Unbreak my heart: a memoir
781.649 Ja Rule -- Ja Rule. Unruly: the highs and lows of becoming a man
781.649 WesYg -- Graves, Kirk Walker. My beautiful dark twisted fantasy
781.65 Mann, Herbie -- Ginell, Cary. The evolution of Mann: Herbie Mann and the flute in jazz
781.65 McLaughlin, John -- Harper, Colin. Bathed in lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the Emerald beyond
781.66 Fieldy -- Fieldy. Got the life: my journey of addiction, faith, recovery and Korn
781.66 Jackson, Michael -- Whitfield, Bill. Remember the time: protecting Michael Jackson in his final days
781.66 Kiedis, Anthony -- Kiedis, Anthony. Scar tissue
781.66 Kon -- Konow, David. Bang your head: the rise and fall of heavy metal
781.66 McCartney, Paul -- Doyle, Tom. Man on the run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s
781.66 Mor -- Morgan, Robin. 1963: the year of the revolution
781.66 Rolling Stones -- Greenfield, Robert. Ain't it time we said goodbye: the Rolling Stones on the road to exile
781.66 Rush -- Mobley, Max. Rush FAQ
781.66 Sixx, Nikki -- Sixx, Nikki. The heroin diaries: a year in the life of a shattered rock star
782.107 Wes -- Wesbrooks, William. Dramatic circumstances: on acting, singing and living inside the stories we tell
782.14 Astaire, Fred -- Riley, Kathleen. The Astaires: Fred & Adele
787.4 Goldman, Ari -- Goldman, Ari. The late starters orchestra
787.87 Hun -- Hunter, Dave. The Gibson Les Paul: the illustrated history of the guitar that changed rock
787.87 Kah -- Kahn, Scott. Modern guitar rigs: the tone fanatic's guide to integrating amps and effects, 2d ed.
787.87 Wil -- Williams, Sandy. Live sound for guitar
787.877 Bla -- Black Label Society. Order of the black [guitar tab]
787.877 Bla -- Black Label Society. Shot to hell [guitar tab]

Compact discs added in July 2014

Belle, Regina. Reachin' back
Bennett, Tony. Duets II
Byron, Don. Bug music
Coole, Khani. Piece of my soul
Coleman, Ornette. Colors
Connick, Harry. We are in love
Dulfer, Candy. Saxuality
Enya. Paint the sky with stars
Fishbone. Truth and soul
Groban, Josh. Closer
Jarrett, Keith. The Koln concert
John, Elton. The union
Kenny G. Faith
Krall, Diana. The look of love
Midler, Bette. Some people's lives
Ronstadt, Linda. For sentimental reasons
Whitfield, Mark. True blue
Williams, Jessica. --And then, there's this!
Williams, Jessica. Jessica Williams at Maybeck
Winana, BeBe. Love & freedom