New Music Books and Scores


     These are the new books and scores we have added to the Polley Music Collection in February 2015. They are now available for checkout on a first-come, first-serve basis.

780.061 Kor -- Korb, Christine. The music therapy profession: inspiring health, wellness and joy
780.71 Jel -- Jellison, Judith A. Including everyone: creating music classrooms where all children learn
780.92 Bernstein, Leonard -- Kopfstein-Penk, Alicia. Leonard Bernstein and his Young People's Concerts
780.92 MacDowell, Edward -- Bomberger, E. Douglas. MacDowell
781.43 Cie -- Cienniwa, Paul. By heart: the art of memorizing music
781.49 The -- Theberge, Paul. Living stereo: histories and cultures of multichannel sound
781.64 Jac -- Jackson, Andrew Grant. 1965: the most revolutionary year in music
781.642 Rob -- Roberts, Nate. How to write a bestselling country music song
781.644 Soul Train -- George, Nelson. The hippest trip in America: Soul Train and the evolution of culture and style
781.644 Temptations -- Ribowsky, Mark. Ain't too proud to beg: the troubled lives and enduring soul of The Temptations
781.646 Gra -- Grant, Roger. 50 most significant Jamaican musical artists past to present
781.66 Albertine, Viv -- Albertine, Viv. Clothes, clothes, clothes: music, music, music, boys, boys, boys
781.66 Gordon, Kim -- Gordon, Kim. Girl in a band
781.66 Gracie, Charlie -- Gracie, Charlie. Rock & roll's hidden giant: the story of rock pioneer Charlie Gracie
781.66 Grateful Dead -- Richardson, Peter. No simple highway: a cultural history of the Grateful Dead
781.66 Ramone, Marky -- Ramone, Marky. Punk rock blitzkrieg: my life as a Ramone
781.66 Reed, Lou -- Reed, Jeremy. Waiting for the man: the life & music of Lou Reed
782.109 Lanza, Mario -- Cesari, Armando. Mario Lanza: an American tragedy
782.14 Chu -- Church, Joseph. Music direction for the stage: a view from the podium
782.141 Rod -- Rodgers, Richard. South Pacific: vocal selections
782.42 Schubert, Franz -- Bostridge, Ian. Schubert's Winter Journey: anatomy of an obsession
783.2 Yam -- Yam, Patrick K. Singing to success: volume 1, for serious beginners
786.2 Tomes, Susan -- Tomes, Susan. Sleeping in temples
786.202 Gar -- Garner, Linda Kay. Suzuki philosophy in action: piano parenting 101
786.76 Kap -- Kapur, Ajay. Propramming for musicians and digital artists: creating music with ChucK
787.89 Dai -- The daily ukulele
789.166 Page, Jimmy -- Page, Jimmy. Jimmy Page

Compact discs added in February 2015

Bloomfield, Michael. Super session
Browne, Jackson. The very best of Jackson Browne
Burning Spear. Love & peace
Fugees. Blunted on reality
Hendrix, Jimi. Lifelines: the Jimi Hendrix story [4 discs]
Hot Tuna. Double dose
LEsh, Phil. Love will see you through: highlights volume 1
Mannheim Steamroller. 30/40
Minaj, Nicki. The pinkprint
Other Ones. The strange remain
Pitbull. Globalization
Ronstadt, Linda. What's new
Santana. Live at the Fillmore '68
Sheeran, Ed. X
Stills, Stephen. Stills alone
Taylor, James. Live
Touched by an angel: the album