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Polley Music Library Archive

     This digital archive has been designed to make available to the public certain items from the Polley Music Library that are difficult to find because they are out of print,  or do not freely circulate from the other libraries that still have them in their collections, or because Polley Music in the only library that owns them.  In addition, certain sound files with historical importance have been archived here.

     This project was supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.  Additional funding has been provided by the Lincoln City Libraries.  Any future additions to this collection will require new funding sources.

     All of the items included here are either reproduced here by permission, or are believed to be in the public domain in the United States, in which case they may be freely downloaded for your personal use.  You will need the free Adobe 7 Reader ( or higher) to access the printed material.  The sound files are in MP3 format.

     The catalog of printed material is arranged alphabetically by the composer, arranger, or author's name.  The sound files appear under the name of the performer or group.

Printed Materials

  Beach, Mrs. H.H.A. (Amy Cheney Beach)
       Canadian Boat Song
  Bond, Carrie Jacobs
       Little Kitten Songs and Stories
  Bullock, Flora
       Lullaby for Low Voice
       Search, The
       To an Oriole Southward Bound


Capps, Stanley M.

       Black Keys
       Fantasy in Minor
       Glide Flight
       Melody I Dreamed Of
       Setting Sun
       Trick-ee Fingers
       Valse Impetuoso
  Dietze, August
       Love Divine
  Dworzak, Lieut. E.M.C.
       Omaha Guards Waltz
  Gaubert, Philippe
       Medailles Antiques
  Haggh, Raymond H.
       Gradual for Easter Sunday
       Gradual for Palm Sunday
       Gradual for the First Sunday in Lent
       Gradual for the Second Sunday in Lent
       Statehouse Inscriptions
  Hanson, Howard
       Symphonic Rhapsody
  Kirkpatrick, Howard
       Applied Vocalization
       Heavenly Shepherd
       I Made a Song
  Lieurance, Thurlow
       Red Birds
  Mills, Chas. F.H.
  Molzer, August
     Menuet Bohemienne
  Moyer, Will D.
       National Self Teacher for Hawaiian Ukulele
  Rangeler, Hugh
       Ask a Nebraska Co-ed
       Gradual for Easter Sunday
       Gradual for Palm Sunday
       Gradual for the First Sunday in Lent
       Gradual for the Second Sunday in Lent
       Hail! To the Sons of Freedom
       Statehouse Inscriptions
       There Was an Old Woman
       To a Wood Thrush
  Shirley, Paul
       Right Hand Culture
  Singer, Rabbi Jacob
       Jewish Music Historically Considered
  Valisi, G.
       Salute to Omaha
  Voss, Orville
       Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
       Mister Sandman
       Muskat Ramble
  Williams, Guy Bevier
       Autumn Leaves
       Two in Arcadie

Sound Files

  Lincoln Boys Choir
       This performance of the "Statehouse Inscriptions" was given on Mar. 22, 1965 at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 1965 Biennial Meeting of MENC North Central Division.  The choir sang under the direction of Hugh Rangeler and was accompanied by Joel Thorson.
  Robert Manley
       Mr. Manley, a faculty member at the University of Nebraska, is heard here singing "Beautiful Nebraska", the official state song.  It was written by Jim Fras and Guy G. Miller.  This file was digitized from a cassette recording entitled "Beautiful Nebraska: with songs of the trail and historical narrations".  To view a copy of the sheet music for this song, go to www.sos.state.ne.us/state_song_menu.html , the web page for the Nebraska Secretary of State.
  Lillian Helms Polley
       In 1967, 86-year-old Lillian Helms Polley wrote an essay entitled "The Story of the University School of Music."  It was presented to the Lotus Club of Lincoln, and was also published in the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper.  Here is Mrs. Polley reading excerpts from that essay.  A copy of the written essay is available here, and for more information about Lillian Polley see the Polley Music Library web page.
  Winner, South Dakota Girls Quartet
       This girls quartet was directed by Orville "Scad" Voss when he was teaching in Winner, South Dakota.  He brought the girls to station KUON-TV in 1955 to perform several songs he arranged for them including "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight",  "Mister Sandman", and "Muskat Ramble".  Later Mr. Voss came to Lincoln as a music teacher and was, for many years, a part of the Lincoln Public Schools System.  He is also a professional performing musician here in Lincoln.

     A picture of the four girls performing at the station can be viewed here.  They are, L to R, Marlene Engel, Myrna Mills, Lavonne Klima, and Sharon Cooper.


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