Music of Old Nebraska


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  Title Nebraska's Favorite Temperance Rally Songs: Second Edition
  Compilers Nebraska Women's Christian Temperance Union    
  Original Publication  University Place, Nebraska 
  Date Range 1888 1890 1891 1892 1895 1900 1901 1903 1904 1905 1908
  Subjects  Songs with piano; Temperance; Humorous songs; Choruses; Political ballads and songs; Composers - Nebraska; Lyricists - Nebraska; Publishers and publishing - Nebraska              
  Contents  Part 1: Nebraska's Going Dry -- The Fight is On -- Chime on Sweet Bells -- New Sunlight -- We Can't.  Part 2: Some Glad Day -- Temperance War-Cry -- Will It Pay? -- Sing a Song of Prohibition -- Nebraska for Jesus -- Nothing and Something.  Part 3: Shingling the Rumseller's Roof -- Dead March of the Saloon -- Native Land -- Cheerup Prohibition Men -- Marching from Georgia -- Crusade Glory Song -- New American.  Part 4: Life's Railway to Heaven -- Nebraska Rally Cry -- Bringing in the Sheaves -- Nebraska's Going Dry -- Vote Some Prohibition In -- Prohibition is Marching On!.  Part 5: Out for Prohibition -- New Dixie Song -- Our God is Marching On -- Down in the Licensed Saloon -- Make the Map All White -- Prohibition Band-Wagon -- When Prohibition Wins.  Part 6: Saloon Must Go -- Vote It Out -- Who'll Be the Boy for the Place? -- Genii of Wine.
  Digital Publication  Polley Music Library [Lincoln (Nebraska) City Libraries],2004.  Sheet music pages were scanned at 300 dpi and saved as uncompressed TIFF images using an Epson Expression 1640 XL scanner and Silverfast AI scanning software.  The thumbnail and access images of the covers were converted to JPEGs at 144 pixels high and 350 pixels high respectively.  Score pages were converted to Gray Scale to enhance legibility.  Covers and scores were saved as high and low resolution Adobe 6 PDFs for web presentation.
  Rights  This score is in public domain and may be freely downloaded, printed, and performed.
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