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Top 10 Celebrity Memoirs (from People Magazine April 30 2009)
submitted April by BookMan

In their April 30, 2009 issue, People Weekly magazine included a list of their Top 10 Celebrity Memoirs that have stood the test of time. I have others I'd recommend, too, but this is certainly a good list of celebrity bios to start with...

TITLE Chronicles
by Bob Dylan [Music 781.64 Dyl]

Clapton Clapton: The Autobiography
by Eric Clapton [Music 781.66 Cla]

Knock Wood Knock Wood
by Candice Bergen [791.43 Ber]

Down Came the Rain Down Came the Rain
by Brooke Shields [618.76 Shi]

Dean and Me Dean & Me
by Jerry Lewis [791.092 Lew]

Me Me
by Katherine Hepburn [791.432 Hep]

My Life So Far My Life So Far
by Jane Fonda [791.432 Fon]

Loitering With Intent Loitering With Intent: The Child
by Peter O'Toole [791.432 Oto]

American Prince American Prince
by Tony Curtis

My Life in France My Life in France
by Julie Child [B C4349]

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