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Agnes and the Hitman Read...Discuss...Repeat!
February 2009 Selection: Agnes and the Hitman
By: Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
Copyright: 2007


About the Book:

After an uneven first collaboration (Don't Look Down), popular romance writer Crusie and action adventure thriller author Mayer have clearly hit their stride.

Food writer Agnes Crandall has a few problems. She's facing the loss of her beloved new home if she can't pull off the wedding of a lifetime for a daughter of the Southern mob; her latest "Cranky Agnes" column is due, and, oh yeah, someone is trying to kidnap her dog and may be out to kill her.

After dispatching the dognapper, Agnes finds herself the just slightly unwilling recipient of the protective services offered by Shane, the nephew of her good ex-mobster friend Joey. A busy hitman, Shane certainly doesn't have the time or inclination to babysit little Agnes or revisit family history. But Agnes is a one-woman force of nature, and Shane is immediately attracted to her cooking and lethal temper. Action, humor, and romance make for a wonderful blend. Here's hoping this writing duo keeps 'em coming.

-- descriptive text from the Library Journal review (4/15/2007)

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