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Sex, Lies and Online Dating Read...Discuss...Repeat!
March 2006 Selection: Sex, Lies and Online Dating
By: Rachel Gibson
Copyright: 2006


About the Book:

The USA Today bestselling author of The Trouble with Valentine's Day takes readers on a sassy romp though the world of cyber romance. An undercover cop hunting for a serial killer realizes the online dating scene can be deadly when his latest date becomes his top suspect.

What's a homicide detective to do when tracking down a female serial killer who targets her victims via online dating sites? In Gibson's breezy, formulaic new romance set in Boise, Idaho, said detective -- handsome Quinn McIntyre -- logs online and goes out on numerous first dates until he pinpoints the woman wacko enough to have committed the crimes. So begins the relationship between Quinn and Lucy Rothschild, a well-educated, 30-something professional who fits the killer's profile. Quinn isn't the only one with an agenda, however. Lucy, a mystery writer, is doing research for her next novel, which coincidentally features a female serial killer and Internet dating. Mutual lust impedes both Quinn and Lucy's plans, and miscommunication and the real serial killer serve as speed bumps on their path to love.

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Rachel Gibson is the main author Guest of Honor at the 2006 Turning the Pages of Romance Conference, sponsored by the Lincoln City Libraries and Omaha Public Library.

Rachel Gibson's official web site

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Sex, Lies and Online Dating Reader Comments:

I'm a new Rachel Gibson fan. I read the book so fast it was like gobbling Lay's Potato chips and now I'm looking for her other stuff. Excellent, just what I like, romance, suspense, humor. A perfect book and a really good teaser for the next one.

-- Mary C.
visitor to the BookGuide site.
Average Customer Review Score - 9

[At the Romance Conference...] what did she call the women in her writers' group who started books but never finished them? vranamuffy(at)

-- Muffy V.
patron of South Branch Library.
Average Customer Review Score - 8

I don't usually read romances, but I found this to be a fun, quick read. Her characters were engaging, and her dialogue was amusing, even if the plot was beyond belief. I don't know that I'll read any of the sequels she's obviously built into this title, but this was a reasonable way to pass some reading time!

-- Scott C.
patron of Bennett Martin Public Library.
Average Customer Review Score - 6


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