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Reading With Ripa
Book Club Selections

When Oprah Winfrey announced the discontinuation of her regular Oprah's Book Club selections in early 2002, several other entertainment entities moved to fill in this literary gap. One new "book club" that took advantage of the heightened interest in leisure reading was started by Kelly Ripa, co-host of the Live With Regis and Kelly television show. Kelly's book picks were lighter in tone than Oprah's -- more of what is commonly thought of as "beach reads" or summer reads. Though the Reading With Ripa club hasn't had a new title selected since the summer of 2003, who's to say it won't start up again?!

2002 Selections

If Looks Could Kill - Cover  If Looks Could Kill by Kate White

Bailey Weggins, a clever writer for a leading women's magazine, "Gloss, " is dragged into a murder investigation by her editor-in-chief and boss from hell, Cat Jones. The investigation takes Bailey from New York City to the Connecticut suburbs and Bucks County retreats--and everyone is a suspect.

[Also available in unabridged audiotape format.]
Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber - Cover  Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber by Adele Lang

Reminiscent of Candace Bushnell (Sex in the City), this debut novel is a cutting, bitchy, hilarious take on the young-single-woman genre. Bitingly written with wit and style, Adele Lang's scathing first novel is "Absolutely Fabulous" meets "Bridget Jones."
The Bachelor - Cover  The Bachelor by Carly Phillips

Kicking off a three-part series, this title introduces the Chandlers, a trio of sexy brothers whose dying mother demands they get married and have children. Foreign correspondent Roman Chandler prizes his freedom, but losing a coin toss seals his fate. Then Roman is reunited with the woman who got away: Charlotte Bronson, who returns to Yorkshire Falls to put down roots and get her lingerie business off the ground. [Followed by The Playboy and The Heartbreaker.]
For Better, For Worse - Cover  For Better, For Worse by Carole Matthews

Newly single Londoner Josie Flynn journeys to New York for a cousin's wedding, and a farcical romantic comedy goes into overdrive. Complete with possible dream guy, miscommunication, oh-too-charming ex-husband, a disastrous wedding, and maybe, just maybe, true happiness.

[Also available in unabridged audiotape format.]
The Good Sister - Cover  The Good Sister by Diana Diamond

Two sisters, one man, and a tale of good and evil from the author of The Trophy Wife and The Babysitter. What begins as a rivalry between sisters becomes a chilling novel of psychological suspense in which one sister is forced to defend herself from a terrifying killer in league with her sister.

2003 Selections

The Boy Next Door - Cover  The Boy Next Door by Meggin Cabot

Gossip columnist and single New York City girl Mellives lives in the most exciting place in the world, yet she's bored with her lovelife. But things get interesting fast when the old lady next door is nearly murdered. Mel starts paying closer attention to her neighbors--what exactly is going on with the cute boy next door? Has Mel found the love of her life--or a killer?

[Also available in unabridged audiotape format.]
Nerd in Shining Armor - Cover  Nerd in Shining Armor by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Nearly killed in a flight over the Pacific by her boss, secretary Genevieve Terrence is saved by computer geek Jack Farley when he lands their plane on a remote island. Now alone in a tropical paradise, Gen and Jack struggle to survive--and soon give in to their sensual whims.

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