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War Stories

Interested in adventures set during the Trojan War? Want a good novel set during the Crimean War? Do you thrill to the military adventures of soldiers, sailors and fighter pilots from any or all war-time eras? Then perhaps you'll be interested in this extensive list of "War Stories" fiction, set from 1200 B.C. through the 2000s. The majority of the novels, short story collections or anthologies on this list focus on war-time stories involving military personnel (a.k.a. "military fiction"), with a few pure "adventure" novels thrown in. We have not included mystery novels with war-time settings in this list.

The library owns literally thousands of novels of war-time action, set during nearly every war known to man. This list merely scratches the surface...identifying some popular "War Stories" that have stood the test of time, as well as more recent fare from within the past 20 years or so. Most of the following novels are "stand alones", while many are entries in on-going series. We've included a few titles in this list which are not currently owned by the Lincoln City Libraries, just to highlight some classics that may have gone out-of-print. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department. To see lists of additional titles, do a Subject Search in our online catalog, using the name of the war followed by "-- Fiction" (i.e. "Napoleonic Wars -- Fiction" ). This is especially true in the categories of World War I, World War II and Vietnam War fiction.

War Stories

Use the following index links to jump straight to a particular section of this list:

The Trojan War [circa 1200 B.C.]The Russian Revolution [1917-1921]
The Crusades [1096-late 1200s]The Spanish Civil War [1936-1939]
The Hundred Years War [1339-1453]World War II [1939-1945]
The Seven Years War [1756-1763]The Korean War [1950-1953]
The American Revolutionary War [1775-1783] The Cold War [1950s to the 1980s]
The Napoleonic Wars [1800-1815]The Vietnamese Conflict [1961-1975]
The War of 1812 [1812-1815]The Persian Gulf War [1991]
The Crimean War [1853-1856]The Yugoslav War [1991-1995]
The American Civil War [1861-1865]The Iraq War [2003]
The Franco-Prussian War [1870-1871]World War III [near future military/technothrillers]
The Spanish-American War [1898]War in Science Fiction settings
The Anglo-Boer War [1899-1902]General Works involving War
World War I [1914-1918] 

The Trojan War [circa 1200 B.C.]

Charles Rowan BeyeOdysseus: A Life [2004]
Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Firebrand [1987]
Linda CargillTo Follow the Goddess [1991]
Sarah B. FranklinDaughter of Troy: A Novel of History, Valor and Love [1998]
Mark MerlisAn Arrow's Flight [1998]
Phillip ParottiThe Greek Generals Talk [1986]
The Trojan Generals Talk: A Memoir of the Greek War [1988]
Barry UnsworthThe Songs of the Kings [2003]
VirgilThe Aeneid [uncertain]

The Crusades [1096-late 1200s]

Gillian BradshawThe Wolf Hunt [2001]
Linda ChaikinSwords and Scimitars [1993]
Evan S. ConnellDeus lo Volt! A Chronicle of the Crusades [2000]
Umberto EcoBaudolino [2002]
Michael Alexander EisnerThe Crusader [2001]
Cecilia HollandJerusalem [1996]
Stephen R. LawheadThe Iron Lance [1998]
James Patterson & Andrew GrossThe Jester [2003]
Stephen J. RivelleA Booke of Days: A Novel of the Crusades [1996]
Robert SheaThe Saracen: Land of the Infidel [1989]
Susan ShwartzCross and Crescent [1997]
Judith TarrThe Dagger and the Cross [1991]
Pride of Kings [2001]
Leslie Turner WhiteThe Winged Sword [1955]
Frank YerbyThe Saracen Blade [1952]

The Songs of the Kings book cover    Deus Lo Volt! book cover    A Booke of Days book cover    The Archer's Tale book cover    White Company book cover   

The 100 Years War [1339-1453]

Bernard CornwellThe Archer's Tale [2001]
Heretic [2003]
Vagabond [2002]
Arthur Conan DoyleThe White Company [1891]
Hella HaasseIn a Dark Wood Wandering [1989 translation]

The Seven Years War [1756-1763]

James Fenimore CooperThe Last of the Mohicans [1826]
The Pathfinder [1839]
Harold CoyleSavage Wilderness [1987]
Robert MossThe Firekeeper [1995]
Beverly SwerlingShadowbrook: A Novel of Love, War and the Birth of America [2004]

American Revolutionary War [1775-1783]

Harriette Simpson ArnowThe Kentucky Trace [1978]
Johnny D. BoggsThe Despoilers [2002]
James BoydDrums [1928]
Christian CameronWashington and Caesar [2004]
Jimmy CarterThe Hornet's Nest [2003]
Ron CarterOur Sacred Honor [1998]
Winston ChurchillRichard Carvel [1914]
James Fenimore CooperRed Rover [unknown]
Bernard CornwellRedcoat [1987]
Walter D. EdmondsDrums Along the Mohawk [1936]
Earl FaineGreen Mountain Man: The Odyssey of Ethan Allen [1997]
Howard FastApril Morning [1961]
The Hessian [1972]
Seven Days in June [1994]
The Unvanquished [1942]
Thomas J. FlemingDreams of Glory [1983]
Liberty Tavern [1976]
Inglis FletcherToil of the Brave [1978]
Esther ForbesJohnny Tremain [1943]
Robert H. FowlerJeremiah Martin [1989]
Janice Holt GilesThe Kentuckians [unknown]
Harvey HaislipSea Road to Yorktown [1960]
MacKinlay KantorValley Forge [1975]
Alexander KentThe "Richard Bolitho" series [1975-present]
Katherine KurtzTwo Crowns for America [1996]
Dewey LambdinThe King's Coat [1989]
Bruce LancasterBlind Journey [1953]
William MartinCitizen Washington [1999]
Van Wyck MasonGuns for Rebellion [1977]
Patrick McGrathMartha Peake: A Novel of the Revolution [2000]
Stephen MolstadThe Patriot (based on the screenplay by Robert Rodat) [2000]
Kenneth RobertsArundel [1933]
Jeff ShaaraThe Glorious Cause [2002]
Rise to Rebellion [2001]
Edouard StackpoleNantucket Rebel [1963]
Beverly SwerlingCity of Dreams [2001]
David TaylorLights Across the Delaware [1954]
James Alexander ThomLong Knife [1976]
Agnes Sligh TurnbullThe Day Must Dawn [1942]

Washington and Caesar book cover    Seven Days in June book cover    Two Crowns for America book cover    The Patriot book cover    The Glorious Cause book cover   

Napoleonic Wars [1800-1815]

Bernard CornwellThe "Sharpe" series
C.S. ForesterThe "Horatio Hornblower" series
Alexander KentThe "Richard Bolitho" series
Dewey LambdinThe "Alan Lewrie" series
Patrick O'BrianThe "Aubrey-Maturin" series
Dudley PopeThe "Ramage" series
Patrick RambaudThe Battle [1997]
Rafael SabatiniThe Snare [1917]
Robert Louis StevensonSt. Ives: Being the Adventures of a French Prisoner in England [1897]
William Makepeace ThackeryVanity Fair [1890s]
Leo TolstoyWar and Peace [unknown]
Barry UnsworthLosing Nelson [1999]
Richard WoodmanThe "Nathaniel Drinkwater" series
Jay WorrallSails on the Horizon [2005]

The War of 1812 [1812-1815]

Eric FlintThe Rivers of War [2005]
Robert H. FowlerVoyage to Honor [1996]
Robert JordanThe Fallon Pride [1981]
Willard Mosher WallaceJonathan Dearborn [1967]

Crimean War [1853-1856]

Beryl BainbridgeMaster Georgie [1998]
Emma DrummondForget the Glory [1985]
George MacDonald FraserFlashman at the Charge [1973]
Catherine GavinThe Fortress [1964]
Gilbert MorrisGod's Handmaiden [2004]
Douglas ReemanBadge of Glory [1982]
Ivan TurgenevOn the Eve [1859]

Sharpe's Honor book cover    Hornblower New Adventures DVD cover    Losing Nelson book cover    Flashman at the Charge book cover    Sails on the Horizon book cover   

American Civil War [1861-1865]

Richard George AdamsTraveller [1988]
Chris AdrianGob's Grief [2000]
Howard BahrThe Year of Jubilo [2000]
Kevin BakerParadise Alley [2002]
Allen B. BallardWhere I'm Bound [2000]
John Calvin BatchelorAmerican Falls [1985]
Fred BeanLorena [1996]
Ambrose BierceTales of Soldiers and Civilians and Other Stories [1891]
James Carlos BlakeWildwood Boys [2000]
Geraldine BrooksMarch [2005]
Dee BrownConspiracy of Knaves [1986]
Frederick BuschThe Night Inspector [1999]
Max ByrdGrant [2000]
Winston ChurchillThe Crisis [1901]
Bernard CornwellThe "Starbuck Chronicles" series
Harold CoyleLook Away [1995]
Until the End [1996]
Stephen CraneThe Red Badge of Courage [unknown]
Barbara CroftMoon's Crossing [2003]
Jack CummingsRebels West! [1987]
Jack DannThe Silent [1998]
Tom DyjaPlay for a Kingdom [1997]
Berry FlemingThe Affair at Honey Hill [1981]
Thomas J. FlemingWhen This Cruel War is Over [2001]
Shelby FooteShiloh [1952]
William R. ForstchenWe Look Like Men of War [2001]
Charles FrazierCold Mountain [1997]
Kaye GibbonsOn the Occasion of My Last Afternoon [1998]
Newt GingrichGrant Comes East [2004]
Never Call Retreat [2005]
Caroline GordonNone Shall Look Back [1937]
Allen GurganusThe Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All [1989]
Nora HagueLetters From an Age of Reason [2001]
Harry HarrisonThe Stars and Stripes Forever [1998]
Josephine HumphreysNowhere Else on Earth [2000]
John JakesNorth and South [1982]
On Secret Service [2000]
Savannah [2004]
Paulette JilesEnemy Women [2002]
William W. JohnstoneTalons of Eagles [1995]
Ted JonesHard Road to Gettysburg [1993]
MacKinlay KantorAndersonville [1955]
If the South Had Won the Civil War [2001]
Long Remember [1934]
Thomas KeneallyConfederates [1980]
Benjamin KingA Bullet for Lincoln [1993]
A Bullet for Stonewall [1990]
Al LacyThe "Battles of Destiny" series
Jim LehrerNo Certain Rest [2002]
Jeffrey LentIn the Fall [2000]
David MaddenSharpshooter: A Novel of the Civil War [1996]
Van Wyck MasonArmored Giants [1980]
Donald McCaigJacob's Ladder: A Novel of Virginia During the War [1998]
Kevin McColleyThe Other Side [2000]
Sharyn McCrumbGhost Riders [2003]
Howard MeansConfederate States of America [1998]
Margaret MitchellGone With the Wind [1936]
Gilbert MorrisThe "Appomattox Saga"
Robert J. MrazekUnholy Fire [2003]
P.G. NagleGalveston [2002]
Owen ParryA Faded Coat of Blue [1999]
Richard ParryThat Fateful Lightning [2000]
David PoyerA Country of Our Own [2003]
Fire on the Waters [2001]
James ReasonerThe "Civil War Battles" series
John ReedA Small Still Voice [2000]
Marie R. RenoWhen the Music Changed [1980]
Douglas SavageThe Courtmartial of Robert E. Lee [1993]
Jeff ShaaraGods and Generals [1996]
The Last Full Measure [1998]
Michael ShaaraThe Killer Angels [1974]
James SherburneThe Way to Fort Pillow [1972]
Robert SkiminUlysses: A Biographical Novel of U.S. Grant [1994]
Joseph SkvoreckyThe Bride of Texas [1992]
Frank SlaughterIn a Dark Garden [1946]
Storm Haven [1954]
James Howell StreetCaptain Little Ax [1956]
Elswyth ThaneYankee Stranger [1944]
William R. TrotterThe Sands of Pride [2002]
Harry S. TurtledoveThe Guns of the South [1992]
Bert UnderwoodThe Privilege of Darkness [1985]
Robert Penn WarrenWilderness [1961]
Richard S. WheelerThe Exile [2003]
Tom WickerUnto This Hour [1984]
Ben Ames WilliamsHouse Divided [1947]
Connie WillisLincoln's Dreams [1987]
Frank YerbyMcKenzie's Hundred [1985]
James D. YoderSarah of the Border Wars [1993]
Marly YoumansThe Wolf Pit [2001]

Franco-Prussian War [1870-1871]

Emile ZolaThe Debacle [unknown]

Spanish-American War [1898]

Douglas C. JonesRemember Santiago [1988]
Elmore LeonardCuba Libre [1998]

Anglo-Boer War [1899-1902]

John Kenny CraneThe Legacy of Ladysmith [1986]
Emma DrummondA Distant Hero [1997]
Giles FodenLadysmith [2000]
Philip McCutchanHalfhyde Goes to War [1986]
Christopher NicoleThe Regiment [1988]
Joanna TrollopeThe Steps of the Sun [1983]

The Year of Jubilo book cover    When This Cruel War is Over book cover    The Ghost Riders book cover    The Killer Angels book cover    Cuba Libre book cover   

World War I [1914-1918]

The Lincoln City Libraries own more than 190 novels or short story collections set during the era of World War I, of which the following are a representative sampling. To see more, search in our on-line catalog under the Subject heading -- "World War -- 1914-1918 -- Fiction" or its various subheadings.

Patricia AnthonyFlanders [1998]
Pat BarkerRegeneration [1991]
John BigginsThe Emperor's Coloured Coat [1992]
Martin BoothIslands of Silence [2003]
William BoydAn Ice-Cream War [1983]
Gloria BroderRemember This Time [1983]
John BuchanGreenmantle [1916]
The Thirty-Nine Steps [1915]
David ButlerLusitania [1982]
Taylor CaldwellThe Balance Wheel [1951]
James CarrollSupply of Heroes [1986]
Willa CatherOne of Ours [unknown]
Linda ChaikinArabian Winds [1997]
e.e. cummingsThe Enormous Room [1922]
Elizabeth DarrellAt the Going Down of the Sun [1984]
Louis DeBernieresBirds Without Wings [2004]
John Dos PassosChosen Country [1951]
Three Soldiers [1921]
Clive EgletonA Falcon for the Hawks [1982]
Carol EmshwillerLeaping Man Hill [1999]
Louise ErdrichThe Master Butcher's Singing Club [2003]
William FairchildNo Man's Land [1988]
William FaulknerA Fable [1954]
Sebastian FaulksBirdsong [1993]
Timothy FindleyThe Wars [1977]
Thomas FlanaganThe End of the Hunt [1994]
Thomas J. FlemingOver There [1992]
Ken FollettThe Man From St. Petersburg [1982]
Ford Madox FordThe Good Soldier [1915]
No Enemy [1929]
John GalsworthyThe Burning Spear [1923]
Ernest K. GannIn the Company of Eagles [1966]
Mark GoodmanHurrah For the Next Man Who Dies [1985]
Jaroslav HasekThe Good Soldier: Schweik (Svejk) [1930]
Michael HastingsThe Devil's Spy [1988]
Mark HelprinA Soldier of the Great War [1991]
Ernest HemingwayA Farewell to Arms [1929]
Max HennessyThe Bright Blue Sky [1983]
Jonathan HullLosing Julia [2000]
Evan HunterSons [1969]
Frances ItaniDeafening [2003]
Donald JackThe "Bandy Papers" series
Sebastian JaprisotA Very Long Engagement [1991]
Guy JohnsonStanding at the Scratch Line [1998]
Malcolm MacdonaldHis Father's Son [1989]
Joe MaggioCompany Man [1972]
Van Wyck MasonAmerican Men at Arms [1964]
John MastersNow, God Be Thanked [1979]
W. Somerset MaughamAshenden; or The British Agent [1941]
Liam O'FlahertyReturn of the Brute [1998]
William PatrickBlood Winter [1990]
Anne PerryNo Graves as Yet [2003]
Shoulder the Sky [2004]
Robert H. PilpelTo the Honor of the Fleet [1979]
Peter PounceyRules For Old Men Waiting [2005]
Piers Paul ReidAlice in Exile [2001]
Erich Maria RemarqueAll Quiet on the Western Front [1928]
Derek RobinsonWar Story [1988]
Kate SaundersNight Shall Overtake Us [1994]
Jeff ShaaraTo the Last Man [2004]
C.L. SkeltonBeloved Soldiers [1984]
Helen Zenna SmithNot So Quiet: Stepdaughters of War [1930]
Wilbur SmithThe Burning Shore [1985]
Alexander SolzhenitsynAugust 1914 [1971]
William StanleyBomber Patrol [1973]
Dalton TrumboJohnny Got His Gun [1939]
Jane UrquhartThe Stone Carvers [2002]
Edith WhartonA Son at the Front [1923]
Tom WillardThe Sable Doughboys [1997]
Jonathan WilsonA Palestine Affair [2003]
Jacqueline WinspearMaisie Dobbs [2003]
Donald ZochertYellow Dogs [1989]
Arnold ZweigThe Case of Sergeant Grischa [1927]

A Soldier of the Great War book cover    A Soldier of the Great War book cover    Standing at the Scratch Line book cover    All Quiet on the Western Front book cover    Johnny Got His Gun book cover   

Russian Revolution [1917-1921]

Nathasha BorovskyA Daughter of the Nobility [1985]
Elizabeth DarrellThe Gathering Wolves [1980]
Carol J. KaneBlood and Sable [1988]
Arthur KoestlerDarkness at Noon [1941]
Robert LittellThe Revolutionist [1988]
Boris PasternakDr. Zhivago [1958]
Ayn RandWe the Living [1936]
Victor SergeMidnight in the Century [1981]
Mikhail Alexsandrovch SholokhovQuiet Flows the Don [1996]
R.T. StevensThe Summer Day is Done [1976]

Spanish Civil War [1936-1939]

Jose Maria GironellaThe Cypresses Believe in God [1955]
Ernest HemingwayFor Whom the Bell Tolls [1940]
Stephen HunterTapestry of Spies [1985]
Andre MalrauxMan's Hope [1938]
Bruce PalmerThey Shall Not Pass [1971]
Milton WolffAnother Hill [1994]

Dr. Zhivago book cover    A Tapestry of Spies book cover    Another Hill book cover    Run Silent, Run Deep book cover   

World War II [1939-1945]

The Lincoln City Libraries own more than 700 novels or short story collections set during the era of World War II, of which the following are a representative sampling. To see more, search in our on-line catalog under the Subject heading -- "World War -- 1939-1945 -- Fiction" or its various subheadings.

Maynard AllingtonThe Fox in the Field: A World War II novel in India [1994]
John AltmanA Gathering of Spies [2000]
Elliott ArnoldProving Ground [1973]
Sholem AschTales of My People [1948]
J.G. BallardEmpire of the Sun [1984]
Giorgio BassaniThe Garden of the Finzi Continis [1977]
Edward L. BeachCold is the Sea [1978]
Run Silent, Run Deep [1953]
George BernauBlack Phoenix [1994]
Heinrich BollAbsent Without Leave [1965]
A Soldier's Legacy [1985]
Jenna BlumThose Who Save Us [2004]
Tadeusz BorowskiThis Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen [1967]
Pierra BoulleThe Bridge Over the River Kwai [1954]
Walter J. BoyneEagles At War [1991]
James BradyWarning of War: A Novel of the North China Marines [2002]
Harry Peter M'Nab BrownA Walk in the Sun [1970]
L. BuchheimThe Boat (Das Boot) [1975]
Bartle BullA Cafe on the Nile [1998]
Italo CalvinoThe Path to the Spiders' Nests [1947]
Agatha ChristieN or M? [1941]
Tom ClancyThe Cardinal of the Kremlin [1988]
James ClavellKing Rat [1962]
Jon ClearyA Very Private War [1980]
Larry CollinsFall From Grace [1985]
Max Allan CollinsWindtalkers [2001] [movie novelization]
James Gould CozzensGuard of Honor [1948]
John CreaseyDangerous Journey [1974]
Robert CrichtonThe Secret of Santa Vittoria [1966]
Robert DaleyThe Innocents Within [1999]
Jan De HartogThe Trail of the Serpent [1983]
Len DeightonGoodbye Mickey Mouse [1982]
SS-GB [1979]
Robert DennyNight Run [1992]
William Diehl27 [1990]
John DunningTwo O'Clock, Eastern Wartime [2001]
Clive EgletonThe Bormann Brief [1974]
Leslie EpsteinKing of the Jews [1979]
J.G. FarrellThe Singapore Grip [1979]
Thomas J. FlemingLoyalties [1994]
Ken FollettThe Eye of the Needle [1978]
Hornet Flight [2002]
Jackdaws [2001]
Triple [1979]
Colin ForbesThe Leader and the Damned [1984]
Frederick ForsythThe Odessa File [1972]
David FraserThe Blitz [1979]
Fortunes of War [1985]
George MacDonald FraserThe General Danced at Dawn [1970]
Ladislav FuksThe Cremator [1984]
Alan FurstDark Voyage [2004]
The Polish Officer [1995]
Sarah GainhamNight Falls on the City [1967]
To the Opera Ball [1975]
Paul GallicoThe Snow Goose [1940]
Thomas GiffordThe Man From Lisbon [1977]
J.D. Gilman & John CliveKG 200 [1977]
John J. GobbellThe Last Lieutenant [1995]
Gerald GreenHolocaust [1978]
Roger GrenierAnother November = Le Pierrot Noir [1998]
W.E.B. GriffinBattleground [1991]
and many, many more!
Robert HarrisEnigma [1995]
John HawkesworthDanger UXB [1978]
TV miniseries available on DVD
Thomas HeggenMister Roberts [1946]
Joseph HellerCatch-22 [1955]
John HerseyThe War Lover [1959]
Jack HigginsCold Harbour [1990]
The Eagle Has Flown [1991]
The Eagle Has Landed [1975]
Night of the Fox [1987]
Reginald HillThe Collaborators [1989]
Yoel HoffmannBernhard [1998]
Harry HomewoodO God of Battles [1983]
John HookerThe Bush Soldiers [1984]
Richard HoughWings Against the Sky [1979]
Jack D. HunterThe Blood Order [1979]
The Potsdam Bluff [1991]
Masuye IbuseBlack Rain [1969]
Greg IlesBlack Cross [1995]
Stuart JackmanA Game of Soldiers [1981]
Robert JacksonHurricane Squadron [1984]
Haynes JohnsonThe Landing [1986]
James JonesFrom Here to Eternity [1951]
The Thin Red Line [1962]
Whistle [1978]
Tristan JonesDutch Treat [1978]
Joseph KanonThe Good German [2001]
Thomas KeneallySchindler's List [1982]
Hans Hellmut KirstForward, Gunner Asch! [1956]
Last Stop Camp 7 [1969]
The Nights of the Long Knives [1976]
Jerzy KosinksiThe Painted Bird [1965]
Agota KristofThe Notebook [1988]
W.S. KuniczakThe March [1979]
The Thousand Hour Day [1966]
Anatolii KuznetsovBabi Yar [1967]
Derek LambertThe Golden Express [1984]
The Judas Code [1984]
David LeavittWhile England Sleeps [1993]
Primo LeviIf Not Now, When? [1985]
Richard LlewellynNone But the Lonely Heart [1943]
Robert LudlumThe Rhinemann Exchange [1974]
Arnost LustigA Prayer for Katerina Horovitzova [1973]
Alistair MacLeanThe Guns of Navarone [1957]
Where Eagles Dare [1967]
Norman MailerThe Naked and the Dead [1948]
Andre MalrauxThe Walnut Trees of Altenburg [1989]
Olivia ManningThe Balkan Trilogy
The Levant Trilogy
Stephen MarloweThe Valkyrie Encounter [1978]
Margaret MayhewOur Yanks [2001]
Philip McCutchanThe "Cameron" series
The "Halfhyde" series
William P. McGivernSoldiers of '44 [1979]
Milena McGrawAfter Dunkirk [1998]
Ib MelchiorEva [1984]
Charles E. MercerPacific [1981]
James MichenerTales of the South Pacific [1947]
Nicholas MonsarratThe Cruel Sea [1951]
Elsa MoranteHistory [1977]
Walter F. MurphyThe Roman Enigma [1981]
Anton MyrerOnce an Eagle [1958]
E.M. NathansonThe Dirty Dozen [1965]
Richard L. NewhaferThe Last Tallyho [1964]
Frederick W. NolanWolf Trap [1983]
Janos NyiriBattlefields and Playgrounds [1995]
Michael OndaatjeThe English Patient [1992]
Julie OtsukaWhen the Emperor Was Divine [2002]
Donn PearceNobody Comes Back: A Novel of the Battle of the Bulge [2005]
Theodor PlievierStalingrad [1948]
J.C. PollockGoering's List [1993]
Dudley PopeDecoy [1985]
Anthony PowellA Dance to the Music of Time: Third Movement [1968]
Tim PowersDeclare [2001]
Bill Pronzini, ed.A Treasury of World War II Stories [1985] [813.08 Tre]
Thomas PynchonGravity's Rainbow [1973]
James ReasonerBattle Lines: The Last Good War [2001]
Douglas ReemanHis Majesty's U-Boat [1973]
Torpedo Run [1981]
Christopher ReichThe Runner [2000]
Erich Maria RemarqueArch of Triumph [1945]
David L. RobbinsThe End of War: A Novel of the Race for Berlin [2000]
Liberation Road: A Novel of World War II and the Redball Express [2005]
Anatoli RybakovThe "Children of Arbat" trilogy
Robert St. JohnThe Man Who Played God [1962]
Ferrol SamsWhen All the World Was Young [1991]
Thomas SanchezDay of the Bees [2000]
Susan Fromberg SchaefferAnya [1974]
Chris ScottHitler's Bomb [1985]
Douglas ScottEagle's Blood [1985]
Henry SearlsKataki [1987]
Steve ShaganThe Formula [1979]
Irwin ShawThe Young Lions [1982]
Stephen SheppardMonte Carlo [1983]
Daniel SilvaThe Unlikely Spy [1996]
Claude SimonThe Flanders Road [1985]
Robert SkiminRenegade Lightning [1992]
Ian SlaterMacArthur Must Die [1994]
David R. SlavittRinger [1982]
Martin Cruz SmithDecember 6 [2002]
Stallion Gate [1986]
Wilbur SmithPower of the Sword [1986]
James SpencerThe Pilots [2003]
Dorothy StroupIn the Autumn Wind [1987]
J.N. StroyarThe Children's War [2001]
Janet TannerWomen at War [1987]
Andrew TaylorSecond Midnight [1987]
Fred TaylorWalking Shadows [1984]
Lawrence ThorntonUnder the Gypsy Moon [1990]
Hendrik TikkanenThe 30 Years' War [1987]
Barrett TillmanHellcats: A Novel of War in the Pacific [1996]
John TolandGods of War [1985]
William R. TrotterWinter Fire [1993]
Patrick TurnbullThe Claws of the Gryphon [1986]
Leon UrisBattle Cry [1953]
Exodus [1958]
QB VII [1970]
Laurens VanderpostThe Seed and the Sower (a.k.a. "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence") [1963]
Philippe VanrjndtLast Message to Berlin [1984]
The Trial of Adolph Hitler [1978]
Nina VidaReturn From Darkness [1986]
Kurt VonnegutSlaughterhouse Five; or The Children's Crusade [1969]
Tom WakefieldWar Paint [1993]
Ken WalesSea of Glory: A Novel [2001]
Irving WallaceThe Seventh Secret [1985]
Randall WallacePearl Harbor [2001] [movie novelization]
Paul WatkinsNight Over Day Over Night [1988]
Evelyn WaughMen at Arms [1952]
Mary WesleyThe Camomile Lawn [1984]
David WestheimerLighter Than a Feather [1972]
Song of the Young Sentry [1968]
Von Ryan's Express [1964]
Jeane Eddy WestinLove and Glory [1985]
Theodore H. WhiteThe Mountain Road [1958]
Elie WieselDawn [1985]
The Oath [1973]
Richard WileySoldiers in Hiding [1986]
F. Paul WilsonBlack Wind [1988]
Robert WilsonThe Company of Strangers [2001]
Walter WinwardHammerstrike [1979]
7 Minutes Past Midnight [1980]
Herman WoukThe Caine Mutiny [1979]
The Winds of War [1971]
War and Remembrance [1971]

Hornet Flight book cover    Danger UXB video cover    Tales of the South Pacific book cover    December 6 book cover    The Company of Strangers book cover   

Korean War [1950-1953]

Junghyo AhnSilver Stallion [1990]
Larry BondRed Phoenix [1996]
James BradyThe Marines of Autumn [2000]
C.D.B. BryanP.S. Wilkinson [1965]
Frederick BuschWar Babies [1989]
John CampbellRaid on Truman [1991]
Pat FrankHold Back the Night [1952]
Dorothy GilmanIncident at Badamya [1990]
W.E.B. GriffinThe Captains [1983]
Under Fire [2002]
James HickeyChrysanthemum in the Snow [1990]
John HookerStanding Orders [1987]
Richard HookerM*A*S*H [1968]
Ha JinWar Trash [2004]
James MichenerThe Bridges at Toko-Ri [1953]
Willie MorrisTaps [2001]
Joe PorcelliThe Photograph [1995]
Chaim PotokI Am the Clay [1992]
Ed Ruggero38 North Yankee [1990]
Edwin H. SimmonsDog Company Six [2000]
Mark SpraggAn Unfinished Life [2004]

Cold War [1950s to the 1980s]

William F. BuckleyThe Redhunter: A Novel Based on the Life of Senator Joseph McCarthy [1999]
Eugene BurdickFail-Safe [1962]
James CarrollSecret Father [2003]
Tom ClancyThe Hunt for Red October [1984]
Richard CondonThe Manchurian Candidate [1959]
John CrowleyThe Translator [2002]
Len DeightonThe "Harry Palmer" series
Clive EgletonIn the Red [1990]
Adam HallThe "Quiller" series
Michael HetzerThe Forbidden Zone [1999]
Noel HyndTruman's Spy [1990]
Jack HigginsYear of the Tiger [1996]
James LeasorPassport to Oblivion [1965]
John LeCarreThe Secret Pilgrim [1990]
Roderick MacLeishCrossing at Ivalo [1990]
Ian McEwanThe Innocent [1990]
Tim PowersDeclare [2001]
H. Jay RikerThe Silent Service: Grayback Class [2000]
S.K. WolfThe Harbinger Effect [1989]

The Marines of Autumn book cover    Dog Company Six book cover    The Forbidden Zone book cover    The Year of the TIger book cover   

Vietnamese Conflict [1961-1975]

The Lincoln City Libraries own more than 220 novels or short story collections set during the era of the Vietnam War, of which the following are a representative sampling. To see more, search in our on-line catalog under the Subject heading -- "Vietnamese Conflict -- 1961-1975 -- Fiction" or its various subheadings.

James AmosThe Memorial [1989]
Kent AndersonSympathy For the Devil [1987]
Kenneth Waymon BakerAlone in the Valley [1992]
Vivian Vie Balfour [ed.]The Perimeter of Light: Short Fiction and Other Writing About the Vietnam War [813.08 Bal] [1992]
Mark BerentRolling Thunder [1989]
Donald BodeyF.N.G. [1985]
Martyn BurkeLaughing War [1980]
Robert Olen ButlerA Good Scent From a Strange Mountain: Stories [2001]
Tom CampbellThe Old Man's Trail [1995]
Gerry CarrollNorth SAR: A Novel of Navy Combat Pilots in Vietnam [1991]
Tom ClancyWithout Remorse [1993]
Stephen CoontsFlight of the Intruder [1986]
The Intruders [1993]
William CrapserRemains [1988]
John M. DelvecchioThe 13th Valley [1982]
Nelson DemilleUp Country [2002]
Word of Honor [1985]
P.T. DeutermanThe Edge of Honor [1994]
Ed DodgeDau [1984]
Thu Huong DuongNovel Without a Name [1995]
Dale DyePlatoon (based on the screen play by Oliver Stone) [1986] [movie novelization]
Joseph FerradinoFirefight [1987]
Donald A GazzanigaA Few Good Men [1989]
Allan GlickWinters Coming, Winters Gone [1984]
Beverly GologorskyThe Things We Do to Make It Home [1999]
Zalin GrantOver the Beach [1986]
W.E.B. GriffinThe Aviators [1989]
The Berets [1995]
and many, many more...
David GrinsteadPromises of Freedom [1991]
Winston GroomBetter Times Than These [1978]
David H. HackworthThe Price of Honor [1999]
David HalberstamOne Very Hot Day [1968]
Joe Haldeman1968 [1995]
Gustav HasfordThe Phantom Blooper [1990]
Larry HeinemannPaco's Story [1986]
G.C. HendricksThe Second War [1990]
John IrvingA Prayer for Owen Meany [1989]
John JacobLong Ride Back [1988]
Philip JenningsNam-a-Rama [2005]
Wayne Karlin, ed. [813.01 Kar]Free Fire Zone: Short Stories by Vietnam Veterans [1973]
Stephen KingHearts in Atlantis [1999]
George LaFountaineThe Long Walk [1986]
Franklin Allen LeibFire Dream [1989]
Valley of the Shadow [1991]
Chuck LoganThe Price of Blood [1997]
Tim MahoneyWe're Not Here [1988]
Karl MarlantesThe Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War [2010]
Ron MartinTo Be Free! [1988]
Bobbie Ann MasonIn Country [1986]
John P. McAfeeA Slow Walk in a Sad Rain [1993]
Gene D. MooreThe Killing at Ngo Tho [1967]
Tim O'BrienGoing After Cacciato [1978]
The Things They Carried [1990]
Stewart O'NanThe Names of the Dead [1996]
Michael PetersonA Bitter Peace [1996]
A Time of War [1990]
Donald PfarrerThe Fearless Man [2004]
Reynolds PriceNoble Norfleet [2002]
Thomas RichardsZero Tolerance [1997]
Elizabeth ScarboroughThe Healer's War [1988]
Leonard B. ScottCharlie Mike [1985]
Solemn Duty [1997]
Danielle SteelMessage From Nam [1990]
Donald TateBravo Burning [1986]
Lucian K. TruscottArmy Blue [1989]
James H. WebbFields of Fire [1978]
Joe WeberRules of Engagement [1991]
Morris WestThe Ambassador [1965]
Ralph WetterhahnShadowmakers [2002]
Stephen WrightMeditations in Green [1983]

The Old Man's Trail book cover    Up Country book cover    Nam-a-Rama book cover    The Things They Carried book cover   

Persian Gulf War [1991]

David AlkmanWhen the Almond Tree Blossoms [1993]
Dale BrownChains of Command [1993]
Fatal Terrain [1997]
Plan of Attack [2004]
Shadows of Steel [1996]
Phillip CaputoExiles: Three Short Novels [1997]
Ward CarrollPunk's War [2001]
William ChristieWarriors of God [1992]
Patrick Steane DuncanCourage Under Fire [1996]
James FerroDeath Wish [2002]
Fort Apache [2000]
Sean FlanneryKilo Option [1996]
Vince FlynnExecutive Power [2003]
Separation of Power [2001]
Frederick ForsythThe Fist of God [1994]
Jo FranklinWing of the Falcon [1995]
George GaldorisisFor Duty and Honor [2004]
Jack HigginsEye of the Storm [1992]
Charles JacoDead Air [1998]
Gordon KentRules of Engagement [1999]
Chuck LoganAfter the Rain [2004]
Ian McEwanSaturday [2005]
John J. NanceScorpion Strike [1992]
Tom PainePearl of Kuwait [2003]
R.J. PineroRetribution [1995]
Ultimatum [1994]
David PoyerBlack Storm [2002]
The Gulf [1990]
Timothy RizziPhalanx Dragon [1994]
Patrick RogersTarget Zone [1993]
Roger L. SimonDirector's Cut [2005]
Michael SkinnerFirst Air [1991]
Grant SutherlandThe Consignment [2003]
Robin WhiteAngle of Attack [1992]

The Yugoslav War [1991-1995]

Tom FoleyThis Way to Heaven [2000]

Plan of Attack book cover    The Pearl of Kuwait book cover    The Consignment book cover    This Way to Heaven book cover   

Iraq War [2003]

Vince FlynnExecutive Power [2003]
Separation of Power [2001]
Dee HendersonTrue Valor [2001]
Ian McEwanSaturday [2005]
David PoyerBlack Storm [2002]
Roger L. SimonDirector's Cut [2005]

World War III [near future contemporary]

Jimmie H. ButlerThe Iskra Incident [1990]
Harold CoyneTeam Yankee [1987]
General Sir John HackworthThe Third World War, August 1985 [1978] [355.48 Hac]
The Third World War, the Untold Story [1982] [355.48 Hac]

True Valor book cover    Executive Power book cover    Starship Troopers book cover    Berserker's Star book cover    Ashes of Victory book cover   

War in Science Fiction [various time period settings]

Kevin J. AndersonThe "Saga of the Seven Suns" series
Karel CapekWar With the Newts [1937]
Orson Scott CardEnder's Game [1985]
Tony DanielMetaplanetary: A Novel of Instellar Civil War [2001]
David DrakeHammer's Slammers [1993]
and many, many more...
Joe HaldemanThe Forever War [1974]
Robert A. HeinleinStarship Troopers [1959]
George LucasStar Wars (A New Hope) [1977]
Sean McMullenThe Miocene Arrow [2000]
Walter M. MillerA Canticle for Leibowitz [1959]
Elizabeth MoonThe "Serrano Suiza" series
Frederick PohlThe Cool War [1980]
Alistair ReynoldsAbsolution Gap [2004]
John RingoThe "Posleen War" series
Fred SaberhagenThe "Berserker" series
David Sherman & Dan CraggThe "Starfist" series
A.E. VanVogtThe War Against the Rull [1959]
David WeberThe "Honor Harrington" series
and many more...
H.G. WellsThe War of the Worlds [1898]
813.08 ComCombat S.F. [1975]
813.08 FawThe Far Stars War [1990]
813.08 SchWar and Peace: Possible Futures from Analog [1983]

General Works [various time period settings]

Robert AsprinThe Cold Cash War [1977]
Alan FurstNight Soldiers [1988]
Van Wyck MasonAmerican Men at Arms [1968]
Ralph PetersRed Army [1989]
Quentin J. ReynoldsKnown But to God [1960]
813.08 JenSoldiers and Civilians: Americans At War and At Home [1986]

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