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Murder on the Menu:
Selected Adult Mystery Fiction
Image of eggs and bacon
K. K. Beck The Body in the Cornflakes
Diane Mott Davidson  The Cereal Murders
Killer Pancake
Charlotte Macleod Exit the Milkman
James McClure The Artful Egg
Dorothy Rosen Death and Blintzes

Image of a cruller
M. C. Beaton Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
K. K. Beck Cold Smoked
Emma Lathen Murder to Go
B. J. Morison Beer and Skittles
Haughton Murphy Murder for Lunch
Nancy Pickard The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders
Corrine H. Sawyer   The Peanut Butter Murders
Julie Smith The Sourdough Wars

Image of a teacup
Douglas Adams The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
Leela Cutter Murder After Tea-Time
Stefanie Matteson   Murder At Tea-Time

Image of a cocktail glass
Michael Allegretto   Death on the Rocks
Alisa Craig A Pint of Murder
Merton Glade Days of Wine and Murder
Richard Grindal The Whisky Murders
Carolyn G. Hart Mint Julep Murder
B. J. Morison Champagne and a Gardener
L. V. Slyke Murder with a Twist

Image of a plate of spaghetti
Agatha Christie Thirteen at Dinner
Bill Crider Murder Most Fowl
Diane Mott Davidson   The Last Suppers
The Main Corpse
Susan Dunlap A Dinner to Die For
Richard Grayson Death Au Gratin
Jane Haddam A Feast of Murder
Amy Myers Murder Makes an Entree
John Penn Stag Dinner Death
Joanne Pense Cooking Up Trouble
Hugh Pentecost Murder Sweet and Sour
Virginia Rich The Baked Bean Supper Murders
Dorothy L. Sayers Five Red Herrings
William G. Tapply Dead Meat

Image of assorted vegetables
For the Diet-Conscious
M.C. Beaton Death of a Glutton
Dorothy Cannell The Thin Woman
Emma Lathen Murder Without Icing
Sweet and Low
Hugh Pentecost The Cannibal Who Overate
Virginia Rich The Nantucket Diet Murders
Corrine H. Sawyer   Murder Without Icing

Diane Mott Davidson   Dying for Chocolate
Frances Lockridge Murder and Blueberry Pie
Patricia Moyes The Coconut Killings
Murder a la Mode
John Noone The Man With the Chocolate Egg

Image of a wineglass
After-Dinner Drinks
Kate Charles A Drink of Deadly Wine
J. C. S. Smith   Nightcap
Rex Stout Champagne for One

Image of a restaurant take-out box
Marion Babson   Death Warmed Up
Lee Martin Death Warmed Over

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Murder on the Menu

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Updated for the web October 2003 sdc -- Last updated December 2008

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