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Classic & Modern Gothic Romance and Romantic Suspense

     "What ties all these groups together under the common title "Gothic" is, I believe, their use of several, if not all of the following which I consider the "elements" of a Gothic tale: 1) the supernatural; 2) a quest or a wrong to be righted; 3) a setting that includes an old dwelling, traditionally a castle; 4) a fantasy of weath suddenly acquired, or inheritance; 5) mystery, suspense and intrigue; 6) a fantasy of romantic love in some form, often including a love-hate, trust-fear ambivalence between men and women; 7) romanticism of the past and an historical setting -- no longer necessarily medieval, but of a generation past or more; and 8) confrontations between the Forces of Good and Evil.
     Although none of the individual elements are absolutely essential, the closer one comes to having all eight, the "purer" the Gothic. Using the eighteenth-century prototype, one must see that Gothic literature is a much broader field that simplly the "damsel-in-distress" tale, popular and appealing thought that still may be. The horror story, the ghost story, the tales of the occult, are all part of the Gothic tradition and are all viable forms in the 20th century."

-- Elsa J. Radcliffe, Gothic Novels of the Twentieth Century

     "The world of the gothic novel offers vicarious danger and romantic fantasy of a type that is particularly appealing to female readers. Women are cast as victims in a man's world, but through the demonstration of feminine virtues, the victim proves herself worthy of salvation through the love of the hero, who becomes her deliverer from the terrors that beset her. The gothic villain, on the other hand, is capable of manipulating terrifying props and producing fear and danger, but he or she is defeated by true love. The gothic world view is supported by a highly particular set of conventions. Most stories are set in a remote place or time that lends itself to the complete intertwining of a terrifying mystery with a successful love story. Unlike the detective story, the gothic novel does not provide a logical solution to the mystery. On the contrary, the mystery and the love story are so coincidentally interconnected that it is virtually impossible to separate them. The solution of the mystery and unmasking of the villain usually remove the impediments to the romance. Women in these books are double victimized: by their feminine powerlessness and by their location in a place (castle, monastery, crumbling mansion, remote island) where a gothic villain can threaten them. The novels depend upon a setting in which the social order is heirarchical; the conventions of gothic fiction, such as mysterious inheritances, hidden identities, lost wills, family secrets, inherited curses, incest and illegitimacy, require a world in which social mobility occurs through family identity and marriage rather than through individual success. They also depend upon the audience's belief that the culmination of courtship in the marriage of the main characters is the most satisfactory conclusion for the plot, thus elevating the place of family formation through love to supremacy."

-- Kay Mussell, Women's Gothic and Romantic Fiction

We've included a number of titles in this list which are not currently owned by the Lincoln City Libraries. These appear here for the sake of providing complete series listings, or to identify classic gothic romances which are long out-of-print. All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability. If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

Joan Aiken [1924-2004] Castle Barebane
A Cluster of Separate Sparks
The Five-Minute Marriage
The Girl From Paris
The Haunting of Lamb House
If I Were You
The Silence of Herondale
The Smile of the Stranger
Voices in an Empty House
Dorothy P. Ansle The Abbot's House
Heiress Apparent
Take Heed of Loving Me
Evelyn Anthony [1928- ] Avenue of the Dead
The Company of Saints
The Silver Falcon
Helen Argers Noblesse Oblige
Meg Elizabeth Atkins By the North Door
Margaret Atwood [1939- ] Lady Oracle
Jane Austen [1775-1817] Northanger Abbey
Evelyn Berckman A Finger to Her Lips
The Heir of Starvelings
Laura Black Falls of Gard
Wild Cat
L.L. Blackmur Love Lies Slain
Sarah Blake [1960- ] Grange House
Barbara Bonham Sweet and Bitter Fancy [Heritage Room copy only]
Clare Boylan Emma Brown
Rebecca Brandewyne Across a Starlit Sea
Upon a Moon-Dark Moor
Beatrice Brandon [1919-1980] The Cliffs of Night
Court of Silver Shadows
Madeline Brent Golden Urchin
A Heritage of Shadows
Merlin's Keep
Moonraker's Bride
Stranger at Wildings
Tregaron's Daughter
Charlotte Bronte [1816-1855] Jane Eyre
Emily Bronte [1818-1848] Wuthering Heights
Gwendoline Butler Sarsen Place
Michael Butterworth [1924-1986]
(as by Carola Salisbury)
An Autumn in Araby
Count Vronsky's Daughter
Dark Inheritance
Dolphin Summer
Flowers for a Dead Witch
The Winter Bride
Dorothy Cannell Down the Garden Path
Sara Cardiff Fool's Apple
The Severing Line
Diane Carey Sudden Storm
Robyn Carr By Right of Arms
Annie Carter A Fire in Heaven
Hester Chapman [1899-1976] Limmerston Hall
Mary Higgins Clark [1930- ] Stillwatch
Weep No More, My Lady
Virginia Coffman [1914-2005] Dark Winds
The House at Sandalwood
The Orchid Tree
Catherine Cookson [1906-1998] Feathers in the Fire
The Girl
Catherine Coulter The Heiress Bride
The Nightingale Legacy
Teresa Crane The Italian House
Cecily Crowe Abbeygate
Bloodrose House
The Talisman
Charlotte Douglas Jacaranda Bend
Daphne DuMaurier [1907-1989] Flight of the Falcon
Frenchman's Creek
Hungry Hill
Jamaica Inn
The King's General
Loving Spirit
My Cousin Rachel
Mignon Eberhart [1899-1996] The Bayou Road
Death in the Fog
Family Fortune
Two Little Rich Girls
With This Ring
Dorothy Eden [1912-1982] An Afternoon Walk
Lady of Mallow
Listen to Danger
The Shadow Wife
The Storrington Papers
The Voice of the Dolls
Waiting for Willa
Barbara Erskine House of Echoes
Midnight is a Lonely Place
Katherine Wigmore Eyre [1901-1970]  The Sandalwood Fan
Juliet Fitzgerald Belle Haven
Rae Foley [1900-1978] Suffer a Witch
Hilary Ford Sarnia
Marius Gabriel House of Many Rooms
Patricia Gaffney Lily
Catherine Gaskin Edge of Glass
A Falcon for a Queen
The Lynmara Legacy
The Property of a Gentleman
The Tilsit Inheritance
Anna Gilbert A Family Likeness
Flowers for Lillian
A Hint of Witchcraft
Images of Rose
The Long Shadow
A Walk in the Wood
Rumer Godden [1907-1998] The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
Black Narcissus
Ethel E. Gordon Freer's Cove
The French Husband
Kate Hawks Watch by Moonlight
Georgette Heyer [1902-1974] Cousin Kate
Eleanor Hibbert [1906-1993] Judas Kiss
(as Philippa Carr) The Cornwall Series [19 volumes]
(as Victoria Holt) Black Opal
The Captive
Daughter of Deceit
The Demon Lover
The Devil on Horseback
The House of a Thousand Lanterns
The Judas Kiss
Kirkland RevelsThe Landower Legacy
Legend of the Seventh Virgin
Lord of the Far Island
The Mask of the Enchantress
Menfreya in the Morning
Mistress of Mellyn
On the Night of the Seventh Moon
The Pride of the Peacock
The Road to Paradise Island
Secret for a Nightingale
Seven for a Secret
The Shadow of the Lynx
The Shivering Sands
The Silk Vendetta
A Snare of Serpents
The Spring of the Tiger
The Time of the Hunter's Moon
Naomi Hintze Aloha Means Goodbye
The Stone Carnation
Jane Aiken Hodge [1917- ] Caterina
Leading Lady
The Lost Garden
Marry in HasteMaulever Hall
One Way to Venice
Red Sky at Night, Lover's Delight?
Secret Island
Strangers in Company
Watch the Wall, My Darling
The Winding Stair
Isabelle Holland [1920-2002] Darcourt
The deMaury Papers
Flight of the Archangel
The Island
Fiona Hood-Stewart The Journey Home
Kay Hooper After Caroline
Finding Laura
Susan Howatch Cashelmara
The Devil on Lammas Night
The Shrouded Walls
T.E. Huff Meet a Dark Stranger
Ayn Hunt Unwilling Killers
Sara Hylton Caprice
The Crimson Falcon
The Hills are Eternal
The Talisman of Set
Shirley Jackson [1916-1965] The Haunting of Hill House
Henry James [1843-1916] The Turn of the Screw
Rebecca James The House is Dark
Storm's End
Velda Johnston [1911-1997] The Crystal Cat
Deveron Hall
Flight to Yesterday
The Hour Before Midnight
The House on the Left Bank
A Howling in the Woods
I Came to the Highlands
The Late Mrs. Fonsell
The Light in the Swamp
The Man at Windmere
Masquerade in Venice
The Mourning Trees
The People on the Hill
Shadow Behind the Curtain
The Silver Dolphin
The Underground Stream
Voice in the Night
Brenda Joyce Beyond Scandal
Andrea Kane Dream Castle
Rebecca Kavaler Doubting Castle
M(ary).M(argaret). Kaye [1911-2004] Death in Berlin
Death in Cyprus
Death in Kashmir
Death in Kenya
Death in the Andamans
Death in Zanzibar
Mandalyn Kaye Priceless
Katheryn Kimbrough Saga of the Phenwick Women
Elizabeth Knox Billie's Kiss
Charlotte Lamb [1937- ] Vampire Lover
Jill Marie Landis Jade
Elsie Lee Mistress of Mount Fair
Silence is Golden
Phyllis G. Leonard Prey of the Eagle
Susan Leslie An Unfinished Tapestry
Norah Lofts [1904-1983] Lady Living Alone
The Little Wax Doll
The Old Priory
Ann-Marie MacDonald [1958- ] Fall on Your Knees
Helen MacInnes [1907-1985] Friends and Lovers
Hidden Target
I and My True Love
Alexandra Manners The Stone Maiden
Ann Marlowe [1958- ] The Red Rockingbird
Edwina Marlowe Master of Phoenix Hill
Anne Maybury [1900-1992] The Brides of Bellenmore
Dark Star
The Jeweled Daughter
The Minerva Stone
The Terracotta Palace
Walk in the Paradise Garden
Whispers in the Dark
Margaret Mayhew [1936- ] Master of Aysgarth
Anne McCaffrey [1926- ] The Kilternan Legacy
The Mark of Merlin
Ring of Fear
Three Gothic Novels
Patricia McGerr [1917-1985] Stranger With My Face
Megan McKinney The Shrouded Walls
Jennie Melville Nun's Castle
Tarot's Tower
Elizabeth Michaels Of Sapphire Dreams
Kasey Michaels Legacy of the Rose
Teresa Michaels A Corner of Heaven
Marlys Millhiser Michael's Wife
Nella Waits
Jeanne Montague The Clock Tower
Midnight Moon
Natasha Mostert Windwalker
Andre Norton [1912-2005] The Opal-Eyed Fan
Joyce Carol Oates [1938- ] A Bloodsmoor Romance
Elizabeth Ogilvie [1917-2006] Bellwood
When the Music Stopped
Where the Lost Aprils Are
Leslie O'Grady The Artist's Daughter
Lady Jade
Lord Raven's Widow
The Second Sister
Rachel Cosgroves Payes The Black Swan
Deborah Perlberg Cliff House
Ellis Peters (as Elizabeth Pargeter) [1913-1995] The House of Green Turf
Elizabeth Peters [1927- ]
(also as Barbara Mertz)
The Camelot Caper
The Copenhagen Connection
The Dead Sea Cipher
Seeing a Large Cat
(as Barbara Michaels) Ammie Come Home
Be Buried in the Rain
Black Rainbow
Here I Stay
House of Many Shadows
The Master of Blacktower
Shattered Silk
Smoke and Mirrors
The Wizard's Daughter
Marilyn Prather Rebenspire
Amanda Quick Affair
Ann Radcliffe [1764-1823] The Mysteries of Udolpho
Rona Randall Dragonmede
Watchman's Stone
Patricia Rice [1949- ] Much Ado About Magic
Janet Louise Roberts Black Horse Tavern
Devil's Own
Lord Satan
Michele Roberts Daughters of the House
Mary Linn Roby The White Peacock
Marilyn Ross [1912- ] Carola Salisbury
Mary Ryan [1945- ] The Song of the Tide
Anya Seton [1904-1990] Dragonwyck
Green Darkness
The Winthrop Woman
Diane Setterfield The Thirteenth Tale
Barbara Dawson Smith Fire on the Wind
Sarah Smith [1947- ] A Citizen of the Country
Linda Sole A Cornish Rose
The Rose Arch
The Shadow Players
Katherine St. Clair A Heart Possessed
Jennifer St. Giles The Mistress of Trevelyan
Francesca Stanfil Wakefield Hall
Anne Stevenson Coil of Serpents
The French Inheritance
A Relative Stranger
Turkish Rondo
Mary Stewart [1916- ] Airs Above the Ground
The Gabriel Hounds
Madam, Will You Talk?
The Moon-Spinners
My Brother Michael
Nine Coaches Waiting
The Storm Petrel
This Rough Magic
Thunder on the Right
Touch Not the Cat
Wildfire at Midnight
Jill Tattersall Damnation Reef
Dark at Noon
Lady Ingram's Room
Lyonesse Abbey
Midsummer Masque
The Shadows of Castle Fosse
The Wild Hunt
Marcella Thum Abbey Court
Jane Toombs The Emerald Shadows of the Sea
Horace Walpole [1717-1797] The Castle of Otranto
Hillary Waugh Blackbourne Hall
A Bride for Hampton House
The Secret Room of Morgate House
The Shadow Guest
The Summer at Raven's Roost
Jean Francis Webb [1910-1991] Roses From a Haunted Garden
Somewhere Within This House
Phyllis A. Whitney [1903-2008] Amethyst Dreams
Black Amber
Daughter of the Stars
A Dream of Orchids
The Ebony Swan
Feather on the Moon
Flaming Tree
The Glass Flame
The Golden Unicorn
Hunter's Green
Lost Island
Rainbow in the Mist
Sea Jade
Seven Tears for Apollo
The Singing Stones
Star Flight
The Stone Bull
Thunder Heights
The Turquoise Mask
Window on the Square
Woman Without a Past
Margaret Widdemer [1890-1978] The Red Castle Women
Marianne Willman The Mermaid's Song
Helen York Malverne Manor
Tremorra Towers


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Original printed list February 1993 bwc
Updated and expanded for the Web January 2006 sdc

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