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This is a booklist created by Gere Branch library staff to accompany a stage production at the Lincoln Community Playhouse

A booklist for the production The Little Mermaid Jr.
Production dates: July 28 - August 4, 2013

This is a booklist created by Gere Branch library staff to accompany a stage production at Gere's neighbor, The Lincoln Community Playhouse.

For kids:

book cover The Little Mermaid
by Walt Disney Pictures [DVD j Andersen (Disney ed.)]

Ariel is a fun-loving and mischievous mermaid who is enchanted with all things human. Disregarding her father's order to stay away from the world above the sea, she swims to the surface and, in a raging storm, rescues Prince Eric, the man of her dreams. Determined to be human, she strikes a bargain with the devious seawitch, Ursula, and trades her fins and beautiful voice for legs. With her best friend Flounder, and her reluctant chaperone Sebastian at her side, Ariel must win the prince's love and save her father's kingdom.

book cover Mermaid Cookbook
by Barbara Beery [j641.5 Bee]

Mermaid Cookbook offers themed recipes perfect for mermaid, ocean voyage, treasure island, and pirate parties for kids. The book brings magic and whimsy to the kitchen, teaching kids to create fun snacks and tasty treats while learning valuable cooking skills.

book cover Mythical Creatures: Mermaids
by Charlotte Guillain [j398.45 Gui]

Introduces mermaids and the legends told about them in different countries around the world.

book cover A Treasury of Mermaids
by Shirley Climo [j398.21 Cli]

Gathered from diverse cultures, the stories in this collection tell of mortals who strive to capture mermaids--and mermen--as well as those who seek to rescue them from peril; mortals who entice mermaids to live on dry land, and those who dare follow mermaids under the waves. And here, too, are the fates of those fortunate--or follish--enough to listen to the mermaid's appealing song.

book cover Ocean Babies
by Deborah Lee Rose [jP Rose]

Describes baby animals that live in the ocean, pointing out their many differences as well as their most important similarities.

book cover Out of the Ocean
by Debra Frasier [jP Frasier]

A young girl and her mother walk along the beach and marvel at the treasures cast up by the sea and the wonders of the world around them.

book cover Mermaid Queen: The spectacular true story of Annette Kellerman, who swam her way to fame, fortune, & swimsuit history!
by Shana Corey [j Biography Kellerman]

As a child growing up in Australia, Annette Kellerman was a frail ugly duckling who dreamed of becoming a graceful ballerina. With courage and determination, she confronted a crippling illness to become an internationally known record-setting athlete who revolutionized the sport of swimming for women, a movie star who invented water ballet, and a fashion revolutionary who modernized the swimsuit.

book cover Ship
by David Macaulay [j910.453 Mac]

In Ship we join a group of underwater archaeologists as they search for a long-lost caravel in the reefs of the Caribbean Sea. A combination of drawings, maps, and diagrams details the ship's recovery, and as clues to the past are pieced together, a story emerges - of the triumphant birth of the ship Magdalena from Spain, and its tragic voyage to a far-away continent.

book cover Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex
by Nathaniel Philbrick [j910.452]

Recounts the 1820 sinking of the whaleship "Essex" by an enraged sperm whale and how the crew of young men survived against impossible odds. Based on the author's adult book, In the Heart of the Sea.

book cover Oceans: Dolphins, sharks, penguins, and more! Meet 60 cool sea creatures and explore their amazing watery world
by Johnna Rizzo [j591.92 Riz]

Young readers will joyfully immerse themselves in this awesome adventure at sea, in which stunning National Geographic photos reveal hidden worlds of action and beauty. We meet 30 favorite sea creatures and explore their watery homes: playful dolphins, mysterious sharks, graceful sea turtles, waddling penguins, and dozens of others. Kids will marvel at speedy swimmers on the hunt, and smile at cuddly scenes of animal families.

For adults:

book cover The Oceans
by Ellen J Prager [551.46 Pra]

The oceans cover more than 70 percent of the globe, yet less than 5 percent of that expanse has been explored. But, as Drs. Prager and Earle show in this vivid survey of ocean research, our knowledge is suddenly accelerating: various dives, soundings, computer analyses, and other probes are uncovering amazing facts about the 142 million square miles beneath the seas.

book cover Secrets of the Ocean Realm
by Michelle Hall [578.77 qHal]

A photographic celebration of the spectacular drama of exotic marine creatures' lives and the otherworldly beauty of the deep-sea ecosystems that shelter them, Secrets of the Ocean Realm is based on a five-part series of public television specials.

book cover Swim: Why We Love the Water
by Lynn Sherr [797.21 She]

The renowned broadcast journalist and author explores the culture, history, challenges, and pleasures of her favorite recreational sport in this deliciously illustrated book.

book cover Caliban's Shore: The Wreck of the Grosvenor and the Strange Fate of Her Survivors
by Stephen Taylor [910.452 Tay]

In the summer of 1783 the grandees of the East India Company were horrified to learn that one of their finest ships, the 741-ton Grosvenor, had been lost on the wild and unexplored coast of southeast Africa. Astonishingly, most of those on board reached the shore safely-91 members of the crew and 34 wealthy, high-born passengers, including women and children. They were hundreds of miles from the nearest European outpost-and they were not alone.

book cover Legally Correct Fairy Tales
by David Fisher [398.2 Fis]

This hilarious spoof on all the old classic fairy tales has a decidedly legal squint to it as for example when Prince Charming is prosecuted for sexual abuse after forcing several damsels to try on a glass slipper to satisfy his foot fetish.

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