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Legal Thrillers
Louis Auchincloss The Partners
William Bernhardt Blind Justice
Jay Brandon Fade the Heat
Rules of Evidence
Philip Friedman Reasonable Doubt
Inadmissable Evidence
Erle Stanley Gardner The Case of the Velvet Claws
The Case of the Curious Bride
The Case of the Lucky Loser
The D.A. Breaks a Seal
John Grisham The Firm
The Pelican Brief
The Client
George V. Higgins Kennedy for the Defense
The Mandeville Talent
Defending Billy Ryan
D. Kincaid Sunset Bomber
The Lawyer's Tale
Mimi Lavenda Latt Powers of Attorney
Steve(n Paul) Martini Compelling Evidence
Prime Witness
Darian North Criminal Seduction
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg  Mitigating Circumstances
Grif Stockley Expert Testimony
Probable Cause
Robert Tanenbaum Depraved Indifference
Immoral Certainty
Reversible Error
Material Witness
William G. Tapply Death at Charity's Point
Client Privilege
Scott Turow Presumed Innocent
The Burden of Proof
Pleading Guilty
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