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After years in which the romance fiction field was dominated by caucasian writers and characters, the publishing industry in the past 10 years has greatly expanded the number of romance novels which are written by authors of other ethnicities and featuring lead characters from non-caucasian backgrounds. Specific publishing lines, such as Arabesque, BET and Kensington/Pinnacle have cropped up to meet the increased interest in multi-cultural romance publishing. The following is a listing of romance fiction written by authors (and featuring protagonists) with an African-American background.

Selected Fiction Titles

Starlight PassageAnita Richmond Bunkley
Doin' the Box StepSuzanne Falter-Barnes
Milk in My CoffeeEric Jerome Dickey
Another Good Loving BluesArthur Flowers
Urban RomanceNelson George
Till Morning ComesSuyin Han
Bebe's By Golly WowYolanda Joe
Cloud MountainAimee Liu
How Stella Got Her Groove BackTerry McMillan
Mary Dove: A Love StoryJane Gilmore Rushing
Olivia and JaiRebecca Ryman
Murmur of RainPatricia Vaughn
The WeddingDorothy West
The Art of LoveCrystal Wilson-Harris
American KneesShawn Wong

Suggested Fiction Authors

Rochelle Alers
Robyn Amos
Venise Berry
Connie Briscoe
Loure Bussey
Adrianne Byrd
Bebe Moore Campbell
Pearl Cleage
Francine Craft
Eric Jerome Dickey
Anita Doreen Diggs
Lynn Emery
Valerie Flournoy
Bette Ford
Gwynne Forster
Roberta Gayle
Monique Gilmore
Shirley Hailstock
E. Lynn Harris
Donna Hill
Brenda Jackson
Beverly Jenkins
Margaret Johnson-Hodge
Marcia King-Gamble
Sandra Kitt
Jake Lamar
Kim Louise  Nebraska Author!
Marcus Major
Felicia Mason
Bernice L. McFadden
Diane McKinney-Whetstone
Rosalyn McMillan
Terry McMillan
Karen E. Quinones Miller
Mary B. Morrison
Evelyn Palfrey
Candice Poarch
Jacqueline Powell
Francis Ray
Adrienne Ellis Reeves
Kimberla Lawson Roby
Eboni Snoe
Simona Taylor
Omar Tyree
Margie Walker
Linda Walters
Carl Weber
Valerie Wilson Wesley
Ruth Wind (a.k.a. Barbara Samuel)  Nebraska Author!

And a few authors not in our collection...

Robin Allen
Bridget Anderson
Jane Archer
Nefertiti Austin
Angela Benson
Bertice Berry
Leslie Esdaile
Cheryl Faye
Carla Fredd
Layle Giusto
Carmen Green
Gay G. Gunn
Monica Jackson
Doris Johnson
Anna Larence
Shelby Lewis
Raynetta Mañees
Gail McFarland
C.C. Medina
Chinelu Moore
M. Louise Quezada
Mildred Riley
Sonia Seerani
Janice Sims
Niqui Stanhope
Barbara Stephens
Jacquelin Thomas
Tracey Tillis
Erica Simone Turnipseed
Marilyn Tyner
Chassie West
Amanda Wheeler
Amberlina Wicker
Crystal Wilson-Harris
Interested in more information about African-American romance writing? Check out the Web site It's All About Love.

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