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The period of the United States Civil War [1861-1865] has proven to be a popular setting for fiction in recent years. This booklist highlights recent additions to the Lincoln City Libraries' fiction collection in the particular subgenre of Civil War Mysteries, primarily focusing on books printed from 1998 or more recently, but with a few prominent older titles thrown in for good measure. All of the following titles which are hotlinked are owned by the library system, and clicking on the hotlink will take you to that title's entry in our on-line catalog, where you can find more information about the book, including reviews and brief plot descriptions for many titles. There are many more novels set in the Civil War in our collection, including other mysteries. To see a more complete list, visit our catalog using the following subject search: United States -- History -- 1861-1865 (Civil War) -- Fiction.

White Doves at Morning - Cover  James Lee Burke
White Doves at Morning [2002]
Cut to the Heart - Cover  Diane Day
Cut to the Heart: Clara Barton and the Darkness of Love and War [2002]
Murder at Manassas - Cover  Michael Kilian
Murder at Manassas: A Harrison Raines mystery [2000]
A Killing at Ball's Bluff: A Harrison Raines mystery [2001]
The Ironclad Alibi: A Harrison Raines mystery [2002]
Civil Blood - Cover  Ann McMillan
Dead March [1996]
Angel Trumpet [1999]
Civil Blood [2001]
Chickahominy Fever [2003]
The Lucifer Contract - Cover  Maan Meyers
The Lucifer Contract [1998]
Sisters of Cain - Cover  Miriam Grace Monfredo
The Stalking Horse [1998]
Must the Maiden Die [1999]
The Cain Trilogy
Sisters of Cain [2000]
Brothers of Cain [2001]
Children of Cain [2002]
Stonewall's Gold - Cover  Robert Mrazek
Stonewall's Gold [1999] [large print edition only]
Unholy Fire [2004]
Call Each River Jordan - Cover  Owen Parry (a.k.a. Ralph Peters)
The Rebels of Babylon [2005]
Abel Jones series
Faded Coat of Blue [1999]
Shadows of Glory [2000]
Call Each River Jordan [2001]
Honor's Kingdom [2002]
Bold Sons of Erin [2003]
Slaves of Obsession - Cover  Anne Perry
Slaves of Obsession [2000]

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