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This is a list of books used during a past Book Talk at one of the libraries

Mysteries Set in Latin America
Bethany Branch, May 20, 2011
Rayma S., South Branch Library

Mysteries owned by Lincoln City Libraries

book cover Blood of the Wicked
by Leighton Gage
[Set in Brazil]

book cover A Window in Copacabana
by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Rosa
[Set in Brazil]

book cover Sultry Moon
by Mempo Giardinelli
[Set in Argentina]

book cover Wishbones
by Carolyn Haines
[Set in Costa Rica]

book cover Days of the Dead
by Barbara Hambly
[Set in Mexico]

book cover The Xibalba Murders
by Lyn Hamilton
[Set in Peru]

book cover The Moche Warrior
by Lyn Hamilton
[Set in Mexico]

book cover Closely Akin to Murder
by Joan Hess
[Set in Mexico]

book cover Fatal Tide
by Iris Johansen
[Set in the Caribbean]

book cover Stalemate
by Iris Johansen
[Set in Columbia]

book cover Sunstroke
by Jesse Kellerman
[Set in Mexico]

book cover Death in the Andes
by Mario Vargas Llosa
[Set in Peru]

book cover Havana Black
by Leonardo Padura
[Set in Cuba]

book cover Grave Secrets
by Kathy Reichs
[Set in Guatamala]

Shadow of the Shadow
by Paco Ignacio Taibo II
[Set in Mexico]

book cover North of Havana
by Randy Wayne White
[Set in Cuba]

Mysteries not owned by Lincoln City Libraries -- try our InterLibrary Loan Service!
Second Generation
by Beth Anderson
[Set in Columbia]

Laughing Falcon
by W. Deverill
[Set in Costa Rica]

Southwesterly Wind
by L.A. Garcia-Roza
[Set in Brazil]

Jade Head
by Patrick Grady
[Set in Central America/Belize]

Two to Tango
by Peter Guttridge
[Set in Argentina]

Any Wednesday I'm Yours
by Mayra Santos-Febres

Beneath a Panamanian Moon
by David Terrenoire

Death in Precinct Puerto Rico
by Steven Torres

Four Days to Veracruz
by Owen West (a.k.a. Dean Koontz)