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Gotta Dance!
Bethany Branch Books Talk, May 14, 2010
Carolyn D.

A selection of dance-related DVDs in the Lincoln City Libraries' collection.

Movies and Musicals

book cover An American in Paris
directed by Vincente Minelli; story by Alan Jay Lerner [DVD American]

book cover Cabaret
directed by Bob Fosse; screenplay by Jay Allen [DVD Cabaret]

book cover Chicago
directed by Rob Marshall; screenplay by Bill Condon [DVD Chicago]

book cover Daddy Longlegs
directed by Jean Negulesco; screenplay by Phoebe and Henry Ephron [DVD Daddy]

book cover Footloose
directed by Herb Ross; written by Dean Pitchford [DVD Footloose]

book cover Fosse
[DVD 782.14 Fos]

book cover The Great Ziegfield
directed by Robert Z. Leonard; written by William Anthony McGuire [DVD McGuire]

book cover Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn
directed by Marc Sandrich; words and music by Irving Berlin [DVD Holiday]

book cover The Red Shoes
written and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger; [CALL]

book cover Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
directed by Stanley Donen; screenplay by Albert Hackett & Frances Goodrich and Dorothy Kingsley [DVD Seven]

book cover Singin' in the Rain
directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen; story and screenplay by Adolph Green and Betty Comden [DVD Singin']

From Bollywood to Dublin and Beyond

book cover The Best of Riverdance
by various artists [DVD 793.31 IreR]

book cover Celtic Tiger
by Michael Flatley [DVD 793.31 Cel]

book cover Lord of the Dance
by Michael Flatley [DVD 793.31 Ire]

book cover Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye
by Madhureeta Anand [DVD Mere]

book cover Sahibaan
directed by Ramesh Talwar [DVD Sahibaan]

book cover Singh is kinng
by various artists [DVD Singh]

How to Dance (Beginning Level)

book cover Ballroom Dancing Basics
with hosts Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin [DVD 793.33 Bal]

book cover Ballroom Dancing Made Easy
with performers Angela Rippon and Ian Waite [DVD 793.33 Bal]

book cover Instructional Bellydance With Jillina: Level 1
by Jillina [DVD 793.33 Jil]

book cover Tap Dancing for Beginners
by Henry LeTang [DVD 793.324 Let]

book cover Let's Dance Swing
with various instructors [DVD 793.33 Let]

book cover Country Dancing for Beginners
by Teresa Mason [DVD 793.33 Mas]

book cover Do You Want to Dance?
by Teresa Mason [DVD 793.33 Mas]

book cover Latin Dancing for Beginners
by Teresa Mason [DVD 793.33 Mas]

book cover Tango [Absolute Beginners Series]
with performers Donald Johnson and Kasia Kovak [DVD 793.33 Tan]


book cover Don Quixote
by the Kirov Ballet Co. [DVD 792.8 Don]

book cover Ivan the Terrible: A Ballet in Two Acts
[DVD 792.842 Iva]

book cover Jewels: A Ballet in Three Parts
by George Balanchine [DVD 792.842 Jew]

book cover The Kirov Celebrates Najinsky
by The Kirov Ballet [DVD 792.842 Kir]

book cover Kirov Classics
by The Kirov Ballet [DVD 792.842 Kir]

book cover Romeo and Juliet
by Sergey Prokovief [DVD 792.8 Pro]

book cover The Sleeping Beauty
with Rudolph Nureyev [DVD 792.842 Sle]

book cover Swan Lake
by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky [DVD 792.842 Swa]

book cover Tales of Beatrix Potter
by various artists [DVD j792.842 Tal]

book cover The Nutcracker
by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky [DVD 792.8 Tch]


book cover At the Jazz Band Ball: Early Hot Jazz, Song and Dance
by various artists [DVD 781.65 At]

book cover Mad Hot Ballroom
written by Amy Sewell [DVD 793.33 Mad]

book cover War Dance
directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine [DVD 967.61 War]