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If You Like The DaVinci Code...
Try These Authors/Titles

Cover of The Da Vinci CodeIf you liked Dan Brown's 2003 bestseller The Da Vinci Code, you're not alone. The book has been on the New York Times Bestsellers list constantly, since its initial release. This book includes several major elements: History, Mystery, Religion, Secret Societies, Adventuresome Scholars, Intellectual Puzzles, and a pulse-pounding pace. The authors listed below write works in a similar style, although some of them may write works that are similar to The Da Vinci Code in only tangential ways. We recommend reading the jacket blurbs on any of these authors' works before you commit to an entire novel. The author names are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on the availability of their titles in print or audio formats.
The other works by The Da Vinci Code's author -- Dan Brown

Steve Berry
Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason's The Rule of Four [intellectual mystery involving historical documents and secret societies]
John Case
 [mythological, religious aspect]
Michael Crichton
Deborah Crombie
 [similar content; history mixed with mystery]
Clive Cussler
 [similar levels of action; thrillers with a historical bent]
Nelson DeMille
 [similar levels of action]
Umberto Eco
 [detailed historical backgrounds]
Michael Frayn
 [art mysteries]
Margaret George
Thomas Gifford
 [his The Assassini involves a church-related secret society]
Robert Hellenga
 [quest tale dealing with art and history]
Michael Jecks
Julie Kaewert
 [her Untitled is a literary historical mystery about a significant historical event]
Sue Monk Kidd
 [aspects of the feminine devine]
Glenn Kleier
 [the feminine devine and the Catholic church]
Robert Ludlum
 [conspiracy-related thrillers, esp. The Icarus Agenda]
Katherine Neville
 [her The Eight involves secret societys, riddles and religious mysteries]
Iain Pears
 [historical art mysteries/thrillers]
Lewis Perdue
Arturo Perez-Reverte
Daniel Quinn
Jonathan Rabb
 [mysteries with religious conspiracies]
Daniel Silva
 [secret societies and the Catholic church]
Barbara Wood
 [Catholic suppression of the feminine devine]

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