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Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles'>Ray Bradbury is one of the legends of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre, having first gained prominence in the pulp publications of science fiction's Golden Age [1939-1950], and still continuing to be published today. Many of his works are considered among the masterworks of speculative fiction -- <u>Fahrenheit 451</u>, <u>The Illustrated Man</u>, <u>Something Wicked This Way Comes</u>, <u>Dandelion Wine</u>, and <u>The Martian Chronicles</u> to name just a few.</p>Over the course of over 65 years, Bradbury has published in a number of literary fields and in a variety of literary styles. His earliest works are most frequently identified as pure science fiction. After achieving success in this category, he branched out with a great deal of both fantasy and horror. In his most recent writing, he's almost entered the mainstream fiction category, with works that are much harder to classify. In all categories, however, he is know for a heavily lyrical style. His writing is very fluid, often elegiacal in tone, and he is often praised for the mid-western feel and sensibilities he brings to fantastical storytelling. His stories and novels should be considered character-centered, with richly-defined characters populating even the shortest of stories. He also strives to create a tangible Because he has written in so many different categories over the years, it is almost impossible to identify other writers who match him in either style or output. However the authors on the following list share many of his stylistic sensibilties. Although Bradbury is obviously well-known for many of his novels, his reputation was originally built upon his extensive output of short stories -- in today's decreasing market for shorter works, it is unlikely any contemporary author will come forward to fill Bradbury's shoes when he is gone. The author names in this list are hotlinked to their holdings in our catalog, so that you may check on the availability of their titles in print or audio formats.
David Almond
Patricia Anthony
Leigh Brackett
Ramsey Campbell [horror]
Orson Scott Card [especially his fantasy series]
Peter Crowther
Henry Kuttner [a.k.a. Lewis Padgett]
Pat Murphy
Robert Reed [especially his short story collections]
Theodore Sturgeon [especially his short story collections]
If it is Bradbury's classic short stories that most interest you, we recommend taking a look at the many older SF and Fantasy anthologies from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s that exist in the library's collection under the Dewey Decimal call numbers 808.83 and 813.08.

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