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Forthcoming Fiction

The following is a list of projected publication dates for new fiction titles by prominent authors. Please note: Presence of a title on this list does not automatically indicate that it has been ordered for the libraries' collection! To see if the libraries have the title "On Order," we encourage you to conduct a library catalog search for that author or title.

If we don't appear to have ordered the book, please consider filling out our Suggest-a-Title form to recommend it.

Due to the fluid nature of the publishing industry, information on this page is subject to extreme change, and should only be considered a very rough guide to the upcoming book publishing calendar. This list contains only "first publication" information, in other words the titles/dates listed here are for the first appearance of each book, which may be in hardback, paperback or trade paperback. E-books, large print and audiobooks are not included here.

Last updated: October 2013


ANN AGUIRRE Prison Ship #1 September 2013
PIERS ANTHONY Esrever Doom October 2013
NEAL ASHER Jupiter War September 2013
KAGE BAKER In the Company of Thieves October 2013
IAIN BANKS Stonemouth November 2013
JOHN BARNES The Last President September 2013
STEPHEN BAXTER Iron Winter November 2013
ELIZABETH BEAR One-Eyed Jack November 2013
STEVE BEIN Year of the Dragon October 2013
KATE BERNHEIMER, ed. xo Orpheus October 2013
BETH BERNOBICH Allegiance November 2013
LAWRENCE BLOCK Catch and Release October 2013
WILLIAM BOYD Solo (a James Bond novel) October 2013
STEVEN BRUST The Incrementalists September 2013
ROBERT OLEN BUTLER The Star of Istanbul October 2013
JACK CAMPBELL Perilous Shield October 2013
RAMSEY CAMPBELL Ghosts Know October 2013
JACQUELINE CAREY Autumn Bones October 2013
C. ROBERT CARGILL Dreams and Shadows September 2013
RAE CARSON The Bitter Kingdom September 2013
JOELLE CHARBONNEAU Skating Under the Wire October 2013
LAURA CHILDS and DIANE ORGAIN Gilt Trip October 2013
TINA CONNOLLY Copperhead October 2013
BRENDA COOPER The Diamond Deep October 2013
HANK DAVIS, ed. In Space No One Can Hear You Scream October 2013
JEFFERY DEAVER The October List October 2013
PAUL DI FILIPPO WikiWorld September 2013
STEPHEN R. DONALDSON The Last Dark October 2013
UMBERTO ECO The Book of Legendary Lands November 2013
RAYMOND FEIST and STEPHEN ABRAMS Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug November 2013
GEMMA FILES Experimental Film September 2013
ERIC FLINT 1636: The Devil's Opera October 2013
CHRISTOPHER FOWLER The Invisible Code September 2013
MAX GLADSTONE Two Serpents Rise November 2013
WILLIAM GOLDMAN The Princess Bride Illustrated 40th Anniversary Edition November 2013
DAVID A. GOODMAN Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years October 2013
MIRA GRANT Parasite November 2013
NICOLA GRIFFITH Hild November 2013
JAMES GUNN Transcendental September 2013
PAULA GURAN, ed. After the End: Recent Apocalypses September 2013
TARQUIN HALL The Case of the Love Commandos October 2013
DASHIELL HAMMETT Return of the Thin Man October 2013
ALJEA N HARMETZ The Making of the Wizard of Oz October 2013
CHARLAINE HARRIS After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse November 2013
CAROLYN HART Ghost Gone Wild October 2013
ELLEN HART Taken By the Wind October 2013
DAVID G. HARTWELL and PATRICK NIELSEN HAYDEN, eds. Twenty-First Century Science Fiction November 2013
STEVE HAYES and DAVID WHITEHEAD Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts October 2013
MARCUS HEARN Doctor Who: The Vault - Treasures From the First 50 Years November 2013
ANNE HILLERMAN Spider Woman's Daughter October 2013
NALO HOPKINSON Sister Mine November 2013
RICH HORTON, ed. Space Opera November 2013
JASON HOUGH Exodus Towers September 2013
M.K. HUME Dragon's Child November 2013
WOLFGANG JESCHKE The Cusanus Game September 2013
K.W. JETER Fiendish Schemes October 2013
PAULETTE JILES Lighthouse Island October 2013
RICHARD KADREY Dead Set November 2013
DREW KARPYSHYN Children of Fire September 2013
PAUL S. KEMP Title October 2013
NATE KENYON Day One October 2013
STEPHEN KING Doctor Sleep September 2013
ROBERT KIRKMAN and JAY R. BONINSINGA The Fall of the Governor, Part 1 October 2013
TOM KRATMAN Come and Take Them November 2013
MERCEDES LACKEY Bastion October 2013
SHARON LEE and STEVE MILLER Trade Secret November 2013
ALLISON LITTLEWOOD A Cold Season October 2013
SCOTT LYNCH The Republic of Thieves October 2013
ADAM MANSBACH The Dead Run October 2013
GEORGE R.R. MARTIN The Witn and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister November 2013
GEORGE R.R. MARTIN and GARDNER DOZOIS, eds. Old Mars October 2013
JACK McDEVITT Starhawk November 2013
SEANAN McGUIRE The Chimes of Midnight September 2013
ROBIN McKINLEY Shadows October 2013
RAMEZ NAAM Crux September 2013
WESTON OCHSE Age of Blood October 2013
GILLIAN PHILIP Bloodstone November 2013
TAMORA PIERCE Battle Magic October 2013
CHERIE PRIEST Fiddlehead September 2013
ROBERT RANKIN The Educated Ape and Other Wonders of the Worlds October 2013
ANNE RICE The Wolves of Midwinter October 2013
JOHN RINGO Under an Undead Sky September 2013
FREYA ROBERTSON Heartwood November 2013
PAUL RUDITIS A Very Klingon Christmas November 2013
ANTHONY RYAN Blood Song September 2013
BRANDON SANDERSON Steelheart October 2013
FRANK SCHATZING Limit November 2013
V.E. SCHWAB Viscious October 2013
SHARON SHINN Royal Airs November 2013
ROBERT SILVERBERG The Best of Robert Silverberg December 2013
DAN SIMMONS The Abominable October 2013
JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VALTAT Luminous Chaos October 2013
JEFF VANDERMEER Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction October 2013
TAD WILLIAMS Happy Hour in Hell September 2013
ROBERT CHARLES WILSON Burning Paradise November 2013

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