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Book Talks and Other Book Discussion Groups

Book Discussion Groups Survey

The Lincoln City Libraries are pleased to provide specialized Reading Recommendations via Book Talks and Book Discussion Groups. In addition, we are interested in providing a listing of similar such groups in the community at large, in an effort to connect literature and readers in meaningful ways. If you represent a Book Discussion Group in the Lincoln area, which is open to participation free-of-charge by the general public, we encourage you to fill out the form below, giving us some information about your group, and we will add you to our on-line list of similar groups.

To submit your information, please fill in as much of this form as possible. The more detailed the information you provide, the more accurate we can be when including your information in our web listing. You must enter information in every field marked with an asterisk (*) to be included in our on-line list. Please allow one to two weeks for your information to be included in our listings.


*The name of your Book Discussion Group (if your group has no name, please enter "No Name"):

*Contact Person for your Book Discussion Group:

*Mailing Address:

*Telephone (for Contact Name, above):

*or E-mail Address:

Do you wish to be notified if/when your group has been listed on our site:



Your Group's Web Address (if your group has a presence on the Internet):

How frequently does your group meet? (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.)

When (day/time) and Where does your group meet?

What type of books does your Book Discussion Group discuss:

only fiction titles
only non-fiction titles
a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles

If you selected "Fiction" above and your group focuses on a particular type of fiction, please use the following box to elaborate. [Examples: a specific genre, ethnic category, period of writing, author, etc..]

Can you give us a few examples of books your group has successfully discussed in the past:

In one or two short sentences, can you please describe your group in a way that might appeal to a potential new member:

Please use the last box below to tell us anything else about your Book Discussion Group that has not been covered by the questions above:


If you are having trouble getting this form to work, it may be because you have a firewall or other Internet security software that blocks referrer information; please check our troubleshooting guide.

Note: This form is provided for the convenience of Lincoln City Libraries customers. The information is sent via standard e-mail. Due to the nature of the Internet, Lincoln City Libraries is unable to guarantee the privacy of information presented via this form.

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