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The Dashiell Hammett Prize for Crime Writing

The Dashiell Hammett Prize is given out annually for literary excellence in the publishing field of crime writing, for works published in the English language in the U.S. or Canada. "Crime Writing" is defined for the Hammett Prize as any published work that encompasses such areas as "crime", "suspense", "thriller", "mystery" or "espionage". A collection of short stories by a single author would also qualify.

Nominations are solicited from the membership of the International Association of Crime Writers - North American Branch, as well as distinguished crime specialist booksellers and critics. The Officers and Executive Council of the IACW/NA may also nominated books of merit that they feel have been overlooked. Nominations are screened by a Nominating Committee of IACW/NA members, who review the nominations and select no less than three and no more than five finalists each year. The President of the IACW/NA, in consultation with the Executive Council, appoints a panel of three outside (i.e. non-member) judges to select the winner. One of these judges will be a distinguished U.S. or Canadian author working outside the crime writing field; one a distinguished editor or publisher; the third a distinguished critic or bookseller, again, not working primarily in the crime field. For a more detailed look at all the winners and past nominees, please visit the official Hammett Prize archive site.

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Hammett Prize Winners for Best Crime Writing

2013  Book Cover  Richard Lange
Angel Baby
2012  Book Cover  Howard Owen
Oregon Hill
2011  Book Cover  James Sallis
The Killer is Dying
2010  Book Cover  Olen Steinhauser
The Nearest Exit
2009  Book Cover  Jedediah Berry
The Manual of Detection
2008  Book Cover  George Pelacanos
The Turnaround
2007  Book Cover  Gil Adamson
The Outlander
2006  Book Cover  Dan Fesperman
The Prisoner of Guantanamo
2005  Book Cover  Joseph Kanon
2004  Book Cover  Chuck Hogan
Prince of Thieves
2003  Book Cover  Carol Goodman
The Seduction of Water
2002  Book Cover  Owen Parry
Honor's Kingdom
2001  Book Cover  Alan Furst
Kingdom of Shadows
2000  Book Cover  Margaret Atwood
The Blind Assassin
1999  Book Cover  Martin Cruz Smith
Havana Bay
1998  Book Cover  William Hoffman
Tidewater Blood
1997  Book Cover  William Deverell
Trial of Passion
1996  Book Cover  Martin Cruz Smith
1995  Book Cover  Mary Willis Walker
Under the Beetle's Cellar
1994  Book Cover  James Lee Burke
Dixie City Jam
1993  Book Cover  James Crumley
The Mexican Tree Duck
1992  Book Cover  Alice Hoffman
Turtle Moon
1991  Book Cover  Elmore Leonard
Maximum Bob

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