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Adult Summer Reading Program — 2010
Your Favorite Garden Spots to Read

With our "Water Your Mind – Read!" theme this year, we want to know where your favorite garden spot to read is this summer! Are you enjoying the outdoors with a bestseller in your own backyard, or carrying a romance novel with you as you visit your neighborhood park? Do you listen to a downloadable audiobook or book-on-CD as you hike or bike our wonderful trails system, or is the latest bestselling biography in your travel bag when you and your family go camping in one of our state parks or national green spaces. Or, maybe you just want to relax in a sunny room, surrounding by houseplants, and indulge in a new paranormal mystery!

Whatever your reading pleasure, we hope you'll feel like sharing with us. We encourage you to have a digital picture taken of yourself in your favorite garden reading spot this summer, then send it to us, as an attachment to a piece of e-mail at adultsrp@lincolnlibraries.org. If it is a public garden, and you also include a brief description of the location, we'll try to add it to an online map here at this page, and visitors to the Adult Summer Reading Program site can see where their fellow participants are spending their outdoor summer reading time!

Information to include in your e-mail:

Disclaimer: By submitting your photo(s) to us via e-mail, you are giving the Lincoln City Libraries permission to include such photo(s) on this page in a non-commercial capacity. No photos of current children will be included. Photos of current adults from back in their childhood will be considered and captioned as such.

Here are the readers we've heard from so far:

photo of a reader
[Brian K. enjoys reading in a backyard hammock.]
submitted by Brian K., patron of Bennett Martin Public Library

photo of a reader
[Kathryn K. in a home garden with a gargoyle.]
submitted by Kathryn K., patron of Bennett Martin Public Library

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