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Digital Downloads - Audiobooks

Lincoln City Libraries' Digital Downloads from OverDrive provides a collection of downloadable audiobooks that can be checked out for a period of 21 days for listening to on a computer or portable audio device. Click the button below to access our Digital Downloads:

Digital Downloads

Note: OverDrive has recently introduced some major changes to their service. Here is a useful introduction to the new features of OverDrive.

Software Requirements:
  • Downloadable Audiobooks require the OverDrive Media Console. When you check out an audiobook from OverDrive, there is a link to allow you to download this software. Versions are available for Windows, Macintosh, Windows Mobile, Android, and iPhone. (The BlackBerry version is no longer available, but existing installations of it should continue to work.) The Windows version also requires Windows Media Player 9 or newer, with a security update.
    • Important information for Windows 8 users: the OverDrive Media Console for Windows 8 does not support WMA audiobooks, or transferring audiobooks to an MP3 player. Windows 8 users can install the classic desktop version of the software for these functions. Additional information for Windows 8 users is available here.
  • Android, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch apps are available for Downloadable Audiobooks and eBooks. Please search for the free OverDrive Media Console app in the Android Market, Windows Phone Marketplace, or the App Store. (Note: the Blackberry app will no longer be available as of April 10, 2014, but existing installations of the app should continue to work.) These instructions for iOS (Apple) Mobile Devices and for Android Mobile Devices cover both e-Books and audiobooks. (Note: iOS users who update to iOS 7 after downloading an audiobook may need to re-download that audiobook.)
  • Additional details about OverDrive's software requirements can be found on their Getting Started page.

Downloadable Audiobooks

Getting Started with Audiobooks

Here is a brief overview of how to get started with downloadable audiobooks on a computer (here is a printable version of these instructions):

1. Download and install the OverDrive Media Console software. Here are specific instructions for Windows and for Mac.

2. (Windows only) The first time you open the OverDrive Media Console or download an audiobook, you may be prompted to complete a one-time security upgrade for Windows Media Player. If the automatic upgrade does not work, you can perform the upgrade at . This step must be done using Internet Explorer.

3. Find audio titles to check out in our Digital Downloads site. Note that some books are not available in formats suitable for all computers; please see this information about the differences in audiobook formats.

4. Once you've checked out a title, click "Download." Audio files should open automatically in the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) on your computer. You can also use OMC to transfer them to a mobile device.

How-to Videos:

Most of OverDrive's downloadble audiobooks are in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format and require the OverDrive Media Console software. Here is an overview of downloading and using the software.

How to Download the OverDrive Media Console software:

How to Check Out and Download an Audiobook:

Downloadable Audiobooks and iPods

WMA-format audiobooks from OverDrive are now compatible with Windows-formatted iPods, but some are not compatible with Macintosh computers.

If you have a Windows-formatted iPod, please look over this information first. Also, please be aware that transferring these audiobooks to an iPod will probably be slow because of the conversion process required by the iPod.

Macintosh-compatible MP3 audiobooks are also available, but some titles are not available in this format. Look for an "MP3" symbol to identify these audiobooks.

If you have an iPod Touch, please see these instructions for iOS (Apple) Mobile Devices. For information about other portable devices, please check this information about compatibility with OverDrive.

Check on the Current Top 10 Downloadable Audiobooks Reserves.

What to do if your e-mail address has changed

If you have e-reserves and have changed your e-mail address, you will need to update the e-mail address associated with each of your e-reserves to be sure you receive notification when the books become available. Please follow these steps:

1. Log into your digital downloads account.
2. Click on "Account".
3. Click on "Holds".
4. Click '"Edit" next to each title and update the email address.

Still having trouble?

We understand that Digital Downloads can sometimes be tricky. If you run into problems, there are ways to get help. You can check OverDrive's Troubleshooting guide. You can also submit a request for help and we will try to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.