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Winter Break

December 12, 2008 by Karrie

Hey, Everybody! 

What are you going to do on your winter break?  If we get some snow there’s sledding or snowboarding.  How about taking your pet to visit Santa - maybe even get a photo taken!  Skate Zone should be busy.  Movies, anyone?  Don’t forget the cookie decorating party at Anderson Branch on the 18th.  Of course you can always curl up with a good book - and maybe some hot chocolate, mmmm!  What DO teens do in Lincoln when they’re on vacation?  Let everyone know your good ideas!


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Karrie S. said:
I love sledding at Pioneers Park. They have the best ramp. The hill is super-long and the ramp gets you going really fast. My friends and I used to go out there every time it snowed when we were in high school. I still love going, even now that I am an adult. Nothing beats sledding!
-- Karrie
Sara said:
I am hoping to get some new wii games for Christmas. Then, as soon as my relatives leave, I can have my friends over to play! We can waste a lot of time playing wii.
Crytal said:
I'm hoping to get some new wii game, too. Of course I can go skate with my friends who spend the night at my house.
Amber said:
I hope you got a new wii games sara. Thats what I wanted too!
Amber said:
Sledding is really fun.And with your friends.Karrie
Marie said:
well what i did during my break was eat and sleep and play BALL!!! =]
Cody said:
Nothing, stay warm, basically. Its cold usually, except this winter break was not as cold as it was in years previous. So, most people were outside, in my neighborhood, a lot of people were outside enjoying the 40 degree days, for what their worth.

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