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The First Day of School

August 21, 2007 by Karrie

Ahhh! The first day of school. New outfits, new shoes, new friends, new teachers. There is always that nice 'fresh-start' feeling when the new school year begins. Everything is a clean slate. You're starting the year with new notebooks and pencils and a 100% in every class. There is also something slightly scary about the first day of school. Will your friends be in your classes? Will you have someone to sit with at lunch? Will your teachers be the kind that assign tons of unmanageable homework? Or will this be the best year ever?

Most of you have started school by now. And if you haven't started yet, chances are you'll be starting relatively soon. What's your favorite thing about starting school each year? Which classes are looking like they might be your favorites this year? Are you excited to be back into the school routine? Or are you desperately missing summer?

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keera said:
when we did actual work it was very fun
Kaleigh & Lindy said:
Boring. Mickle is hot, but in the way. if u caught my drift.-Kaleigh
I think it's fun but it is very hot and humid. The portibles are very nice compared to the classrooms. Band is my favorite subject so far.-Lindy
Band rocks! The percussion (im in it!) is the loudest in the band.-Kaleigh
keera said:
if gabi was there we would be always cracking up
Bob Kelso said:
You acctaully did work on the first day of school??? Wow if that's the case my teachers are slippin.
emma19 said:
so busy
dncr12 said:
the good thing about school is my friends. And thats it.

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