Teen Music Survey

August 20, 2007 by Webmaster

Please take our Teen Music Survey to help us know what music you'd like to have in library collections!

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Code94 said:
Oh! man i love the simpsons and the simpsons movie. Especcially spider pig! I love that pig he like crawls on ceilings and stuff.
Code94 said:
please ignore that last comment
thank you
keera said:
i like country, disney, christian
Bob Kelso said:
thank you for ignorin that last comment thanks
Kaleigh & Lindy said:
I like pop, christian rock, and regular rock 'n' roll!!!-Kaleigh
dncr12&odider96 said:
I like every kind of music.-dncr12
Kutless4Ever said:
I like christian contemporary music (CCM) or catholic music

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