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March 28, 2008 by Karrie

Hey Teens!  If you are 16 and above you might be interested in this great opportunity.  Lincoln City Libraries is in need of seven Summer Interns.  You would work about 120 hours this summer; and you would even get paid for it!!!

Check out all these cool things you could be involved in:

Participate as a member of the library staff team

Provide general customer service in the library

Provide circulation services, such as checking in and checking out materials

Assist at children’s and teen programming events

Provide computer assistance for customers

Prepare displays or bulletin boards

Assist with special projects

Assist with programming at assigned city outreach sites (Outreach Department)

Present preschool storytime (Anderson Library)

Assist with library electronic resources (Gere Library)

Work with teen advisory board (Eiseley Library)

Assist on the Bookmobile (Eiseley Library)

There's more information at this link:  If you have any questions feel free to post them.  Otherwise, you can call the branch at which you are interested in working and ask to talk to the Supervisor.  If this sounds like something you'd love to do, apply online at:

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Lindy said:
I'd love to but I'm 12. Once I turn 16 this will probably be a choice of mine. I can't do detassling because you've got to be 5ft tall. I'm 4'7 :( !
amanda said:
This is definitely somthing I am interested in. I completed an online application a few days ago.
This is a great working opportunity for the summer!
Lindy said:
Since your "working", how much do you get paid an hour? $$$$$!
Admin Comment
Karrie S. said:
You get paid $1000 for the whole summer. I think the information says you will work 120 hours. That's over $8 an hour! And think of the great experience!!!
amanda said:
I'm in great need of a summer job, so i submitted an online application a couple weeks ago. When could I expect to find out if I got the job or not?
Thank you!
Admin Comment
Karrie S. said:
The word from the powers-that-be is:
"Some intern positions have been filled, but others remain open as supervisors continue to review applications. All applicants will be notified when the hiring process is completed."
amanda said:
Okay, thank you so much! :)
amanda said:
oh, and also.
i applied at Eisley Library. Has their position been filled already?
amanda u. said:
Have the applicants by any chance been contacted yet?
Admin Comment
Karrie S. said:
I don't think they have all be selected yet. The process can take a long time.
amanda u. said:
oh okay. thanks anyway! :)
amanda u. said:
Will be notified only if you get the job? Or will they also call to tell you that you did not?
Thank you!
Sabina said:
I would love too be involved in something like this. it sounds very interesting.

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