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March 06, 2008 by Karrie

I know most of you have read the Twilight Saga ("Twilight", "New Moon", "Eclipse") from Stephanie Meyer.  If you haven't, I would suggest that you start reading now.  Even I enjoyed it, and I'm not really into vampires all that much.  I think that the series was originally going to be a triology (only three books).  But, Stephanie has decided to add more books to the saga.  SO the fourth book: "Breaking Dawn" will be coming out on August 2nd.  I can't even put a picture of the cover on here -- it's a secret and won't be released until this summer!  Get to the library catalog right away to get your name on the hold list.  And use the comments section of this blog to tell others how great the Twilight Saga is!


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Ari Nero said:
I am addicted to these books their like drugs. I love them and I want to be in the movie instead of the UGLY PEOPLE!!
Izfizle said:
OMG. These books are practically my life! I love them with every fiber of my being and I feel like Stephanie Meyer is my sister- 0r even better, MY TWIN! I agree that U G L Y P E O P L E are in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have to say that I am very disappointed in Stephanie Meyer for even letting them make a movie of her neatiful, truthful, lively, gorgeous BOOKS!!!!!!! Books are meant to be so that you can lose yourself in them and be the characters. Forgeth your own troubled life and live in this perfect world where everything happens in exciting and poetic ways that makes life (or undead life) worth going through and living. But making books, especially such amazing and special books as twilight, New Moon,, and Eclipse, will totally RUIN the experience for me because it takes away that special feeling of this being MY story. Plus, I already KNOW how Bella, Eduard, Alice, Rosa, Jacob, Jasper, and all the rest LOOK LIKE, SOUND LIKE, WHAT THEIR MANNERISMS ARE LIKE, HOW THEY ACTE, THEIR AURAS< AND EVERYTHING!!!!! Accidentally seeing the commericials or hearing people tlk about it will jus ruin everything because it makes it less real. Also, in movies, they CHANDE THE PLOT. When I was younger, I was totally OBSESSED with Harry Potter. They took out characters in the movies and changed the endings and the lines to condense it into a few scenes. I never went to see a movie that was made from a book that I had loved every again. WHY??? Stephanie Meyer, this is the one thing I don't understand that you've done. Thats me: DRAMA QUEEN -- lol. Not.
MGRAY said:
that is not true in this case the movie stands much like the book. If you dont like it dont watch it edward is not how I pictured him, but i can still see him the same way when I reread the books
Belinda said:
I have just read the first book in this series and look forward to reading the rest. Everyone I have talked to about watching the movie compared to the book were very dissappointed but understood that if the book were to be as good as the movie it would be even longer than the Titanic!
edwardlovr said:
OMG i know! i love these books! i still havent got to the 4th book yet! its like once you start reading you can't quit!
christina1124 said:
Yeah i know i just got done reading the 4th book it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so interested in them i read twilight in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
meribeth said:
OMG literally you make me cry. Im with u the movies change everything they shouln't make movies for books like twilight,the sister of the traveling pants,harry pother,or The chronicles of narnia.But my favorite book is twilight it just perfect in every way theres nothing wrong with it. It even help me with my english. This book is my life........:-)
Megan! said:
OMG!.... i love the twilight series they are AWESOME! i have read the whole series 4 times. and in the movie there is NO! "ugly people!" so STFU! i can't wait until eclipse the movie comes out! it is going to be great! so yeahhh! Bye.
Malena Del Rey said:
I love the twilight series I wish every thing that's happened in the series would happen to me! I wish I had my own Edward!! I read the first book in 2 weeks, the second in 3 weeks and the third in just 4 days!!! Yeah it was that good!!!! I can't wait for the fourth book to come in the mail!!!!!
twilight fan said:
i think twilight,newmoon and eclipse are the best books ever im obssesed
twilight fan said:
i think i would love to have edward to be mine. i wish i was bella
twilight fan said:
i herd on youtube that she picks jacob in the next book. i would pick edward. but im only 5% chance she will pick jacob. plese pick edward. it would not be that good without edward.
twilight fan number 1 said:
i like twilight the most nobody likes it more than me i copy every thing about twilight i desined my binder twilight.
twilight fan number 1 said:
no i wish i had that life that bella has
i cryed when edward lest in the second book
twilight fan number 1 said:
i dont think that the people in twilight are ugly. anyways i would want to get the part of bella
twilight fan number 1 said:
does anybody know how to contact stephinie meyers i have a million qustions to ask like does bella pick jacob i like jacob and all but i love edward cullen
twilight lover said:
Twilight rocks!I totally love this series and I can't wait till the movie comes out.I think that edward and Bella are the cutest couple ever!
i am so mentally retartded in love with kiding
Lorenzo Aguilar said:
I am really do not know about these books because I am not very into vampire novels. I heard so much already about the books that right now I am very interesting to read them, so I was looking for them in the public library and must of them are checked out, but they have some in spanish language, so I am going to started reading them in spanish (by the way my first language), do any of you guys know if the new coming book in august are going to realeased in Spanish language version at the same time with the English?
meribeth said:
Yo creo q deverias checar her webside there she say alot aboth the books and all the information you want to know have fun reading the books I sure ur gona love it
samantha said:
twilight is the best series i have ever read.this book makes you experience emotions one would never think you could have by reading a book. This series is definatly my favorite. ive been "cracking out on them" since i read the first book. i read all three in one week. i cannot wait for august to come. i really hope stephenie makes more books like this. she is an absolutely compelling author. and as a 16 year old it takes something of great quality to grab my attention. also try wicked lovely and ink exange-not by stephenie,but great books.
samantha said:
oh and another thing,i read compulsively. i know a good book when i read it. the twilight series is not a good series it is the best of the best. i am so stoked to finnaly get to read breaking dawn.
samantha said:
you know you are totally right. i too was dissapointed that she let them make a movie out of her books.......but since she did they should at least have actors that match the descriptions of the characters in the book!!! Ill tell u that really burned me!!i mean,god if your going to make a movie out of a book like this cast actors that at least fit the description HELLO!!! are they mentally retarded?! edward SO does NOT have red hair its golden!!! Another pointer,edward is actually HOT why would you cast the dude from harry potter!!!! i could have picked a kid on a street that fit a closer description,and dont EVEN get me started on bella!!! i mean i know shes a simple character and everything but at least brush her hair!!! Golly-g i dont know what to do with these people, i mean do they even take the time to read the book to see how many errors their making?! gosh its frustraiting
sampling Twilight said:
I just started listening to this series in Book-on-CD format, and I'm really enjoying it.
samantha said:
personally i thlink its best to read the book instead of listening to it. its so much more vivid if you are seeing the words and give your mind time to interpet what its saying and to have the picture in your head. but thats just what i think personally.
sampling Twilight said:
Normally, I'd agree, but I've been on the road a lot this summer and a book-on-CD seemed like a good way to pass the time. This one really was nicely done...the narrator (Ilyana Kadushin) does a very good job of making the story seem atmospheric. certainly made me want to read or hear the next volume!
Taylor said:
I love the Twilight books! They are the best books ever, no joke. I hate reading butI can't stop reading these books! I am addicted! I really wish that I had an Edward Cullen. He is so sweet :)
Crytal said:
I know! He's hot!!!
Lindsey said:
I think the books are AMAZING!!!!! I always read it over and over again. Edward is so HOOOOOTTTTT in the movie!!! I think there should be another book about Jacob and Renesmee. Also the book should be about everyone from the previous books. I LOVE THE TWILIGHT BOOKS!!!!
Julia :) big fan! said:
they made me cry, laugh, and want more every time i read a book. stephanie has a great talent for writting and i never read a book from another author that could compare to any of hers. The Host is also great!! every time i pick up one of her books and read i cannot put it down until i finish. i read all thru the night and into the next day if a have to. i even got my mother and sister into them!! they love it to.
Julia :) big fan! said:
and ari naro is soo right about the ugly actors!!! plus the movie will never match up with the books!! my friends want to wait until the movie comes out to see if they want to read it but it will make them look terrible!! DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS MOVIE!!!
Julia :) big fan! said:
Casey*_* twilight lover said:
ur so right about the ugly actors! plus the only cool character was Taylor Launter who played Jacob. and their even going to replace him!
twilight's bigest fan said:
I love the books i hope their is a fith i wish i was a vampire.
Jacen Solo said:
These books are incredible im a 20 year old male and i have fallen in love with bella and edward and read all 4 books in a one week span they are sooo adddicting and ti thought the movie was pretty good 2
Ya Ya Twlight said:
I bought Twlight and read it in one night.... bought the next 3 books and read all of them in 8 days. Talk about page turners!!!!!!! I Cant wait for her next book! I have to say that I took my kids to see the movie and was very sad over how much of the book was actually left out. But, I guess to get it all in... the movie would have had to have been 8 hours long!!! LOL! Go.... Stephanie!! Keep on Writing for us all!!
Crytal said:
Think again. I don't want to be a bloodsucker.
christina1124 said:
Hey do any of u guys know if Stephinie meyer is going to make a movie for all 4 books?
christina1124 said:
Do any of u know if Stephinie meyer is going to come out with the movie for breaking dawn?
pheonix27 said:
Agreed! They did pick a good Jacob, but Bella and Edward were horrible picks! These directors obviously didn't want to take the time to pick actors that fit the roles.
if that is your opinon but i thik edward and bella are PERFICT PICKS! but whatever its what you think and i bet that you would be probroly 27 ito a 999,000 people who think that but again what ever lolz!!!!
MGRAY said:
she picks edward but what happens is so amazing you feel happy for everyone somewhat at the ending
I Love TWILIGHT said:
I am so in love with the books i kinda wish the seiries were like never ending!!!
I Love TWILIGHT said:
I sooooooooo wish i was a vampire
their soooo coooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belinda said:
my sis is 30+ and hasn't read a complete book since high school. That says a lot!
meribeth said:
I know I read the 5 books in like one week and a half.I wasn't going to read the 5th book because I wanna to readed when if was published but Stepanie meyer say that she want going to publishe because somebody put it in the Internet so she now has it in her official webside so everybody can read it but is not finish and is not gona be finesh. I hate the person that put it in the internet.
edwardsbabyy. said:
i love twilight i cryied after the movie came out, cause edward is
so hot i actually got kicked out of school for fighting with a girl for her saying edward cullen is ugly! hahaha i love twilight!!!!!
nerlande said:
omg dose book are addicting and ive read each and everyone of them my mom got so mad at me becuz when she call me i never pay attention to what shes saying all is read, i saw the movie twilight and im waiting on new mom cant wait anymore......
nerlande said:
yea me to and edward is hooooot
Mikayla said:
stephanie meyer is the best author ever and that is coming from and 11 year old! i love her series i finished all her books and reading breaking dawn for the 3rd time. The books are addictive as edward would say about bellas blood,the book would be like a drug to me i love them so much and i would like to thank stephanie for bringing them into our lives by creating them so thank you stephanie!!
Leslay said:
Stephenie Meyer's books were amazing once i started reading them i could not put them down, so i was reading book after book, and i honestly do not think i have gotten enough. I am now reading one of her other books not in the series called The Host, it is a very intense novel a bit different from here vampire series but just as holding, I am hoping to get the other one that she wrote (can't remember the name now) when i travel this year. You deserve an A+. Great work, come to the top of the class Stephanie and i hope you write another series just as enthrawling as the Twilight series.
twilight said:
I just love twilight saga!!!!!!! I already read all four books but im reading them again. And she picks Edward!!!!!!!!!
taylorLautnerrox said:
OK,I see what youre all seeing about the people in the book not looking how you imagined them,but i think they picked awesome people.except kristen who played bella. but taylor as jacob in new moon...lets just say i have TONS of posters of him.
mindy said:
I am trying to find out since the book breaking dawn gets left wide open if stephanie meyer has any intention on taking a break then continuing....i mean so much is left un said and settled...there are new characters brought into it all it would be a shame not to keep going,,,,i mean what happens to renesme how do the vampires, wolves and human continue to get along, jacob and the imprinting....please stephanie write more twilight books
beautyness101 said:
i rlly cant wait till stephanies's brand new book comes out. THe one about one of her character's in eclipse. It should be good.
Anderson said:
There was a lot from the book that was left out in the movie, but they do that with most books-become-movies. There simply isn't enoguh time to cover everything the book covers in one movie. It would have been two or three movies in a series just for one book.Personally, I think the movie followed the storyline quite well in spite of the fact that they had to take so much out. I watched the movie before I read the book, though, and until I read the book I didn't understand the interactions between Bella and Edward. Maybe I got the better end of the deal by watching the movie first.

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