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MTV Music Awards

September 07, 2007 by Karrie

This Sunday evening (September 9th) is the MTV Video Music awards.  When I was a teenager this was always the highlight of the beginning of the school year.  Once the VMAs were over, you knew school was back in full swing, and fall was officially here.  All my friends would get together at someone’s house and we would watch the music awards.  We would try to guess who the hot new band would be or who would win female artist of the year as we ate snacks supplied by that friend’s mom.  The best part was usually the live performances.  This was the best award show of the year – beating both the Grammys and the Oscars.  If you get to watch it let me know what you thought.  Did you agree with the choices for best artist? 

According to MTV’s website they have lots of good performers this year: Gym Class Heroes, Rhianna, Kanye West, Foo Fighters, and Fall Out Boy, just to name a few.  Timbaland is hosting the show, and the biggest news is that Britney Spears is back.  I am not a huge Britney fan, but I know she has a following and lots of people will be watching for her.

This would be a great time for me to remind you to take our Teen Music Survey.  If the library isn’t buying the type of music you like, you just need to let us know what it is. 

I will not be watching the Music Awards this year, just like I haven’t for several years now.  Maybe it was just something I did as a teenager, or maybe it’s just because I don’t have cable.  Perhaps I can convince my mom to invite me and my friends over.  She can order pizza as we try to guess who is going to win.  It will be just like old times.  And after it’s over I will know that fall is really here, even though I won't have to get up and go to school the next day.

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Kaleigh said:
It sound cool! I usually dont watch those. I guess I should start!!!!!!!!!!

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