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January 12, 2009 by Karrie

We heard on the local news that some students from Lincoln will be attending some Inaugural events. If you are in that group we would like to hear from you! Give us all the details!

If you are not going to the Presidential Inauguration, tell us what you are thinking about this history-making event. If you could go, which aspects of this event would be of most interest to you?


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Cody said:
I am not in this group, but, I have a feeling that they will not be as excited as they think they will be. Due to the large mass of people attending, and the designated space for the event. So, I believe that they will find themselves very far away from the actual steps of the capitol and probably not see Obama, or, at least get a good view of him.
Admin Comment
Karrie S. said:
I am not going to the event but i am excited because this is a new history making process
Grace said:
Does inaugural have to do with presidents and stuff? I think. Sorry if this comment is randomm and weird and suchh because I don't know what inaugural means. [x I actually am not going to the inaugurationn. If I could, I'd probably not wanna because I'm for McCain. :D But the most thing I'd be interested in would probably be seeing the White House. If I couldd. I dunno. [x See, random!!

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