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Have you seen this Librarian?

October 04, 2007 by Karrie

If you are a teenager in Lincoln Nebraska, chances are pretty good that you have seen Susan at your school.  She is the Young Adult Librarian for Lincoln City Libraries!  And there is nothing she wants more than to get teens to read. 

Seeing as Teen Read Week is coming up (Susan likes to call it Teen Read Month) she will be out at the local middle and high schools all through October.  I’m sure that she will be bringing tons of books that she will be super-happy to tell you all about.  And knowing Susan, she’ll make them all sound really good.  Most of the books should be available at your local library.  If they are all checked out, remember: you can always get them sent from another branch. 

So if you have seen Susan lately or heard her talk this October, tell us what books sound most interesting to you.  Which ones are you going to rush-in to check-out?

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Lindsey said:
I remember her comming to my middle school all the time! I always got really excited to check out books and read after her presentations. Make her come to high schools more oftin! Or, since high school teachers never let us out of class, you should have her do after school presentations at the libraries or schools!
Haley said:
HEY!! Susan is famous!! Yea, I've seen her a lot at our school, YOU ROCK SUSAN!
emma said:
i loved the book surviving antartica!! i remember her coming to my school this year!

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