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Good Teen Movies

March 19, 2009 by Karrie

I know that Twilight is coming out on DVD soon.  But are there any other great teen movies that have recently been released on DVD?  How about any great movies that are currently in the theaters?  Spring Break is coming up next week and we're all gonna need something to watch.  Tell me what's good out there!

- Karrie

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Namea said:
The ones I'm thinking of aren't too new, but most of the new ones out there aren't very good.

Can't hardly wait- an awesome movie, but it's old.

The perfect score- also a great movie and has an amazing soundtrack

The Craft- Great movie for girls

well adventureland seemed pretty gud
Koshie said:
Just like heaven is a great movie i think it has been a while! I also want some good movies because i have a little brother and sister and it is so annoying.
Kar kar/alice cullen said:
OMG! twilight is soooo awesome! bbetter book then movie though! :( also in 2010 MAXIMUM RIDE IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE! but im kind of worried that it will b messed up like twilight because the person who directed twilight is directing Maximum ride! oh ya i have seen twilight like 8 times u can say im a little obbsessed i think i agree with my freinds when they say i have OCD (obsessive Cullen Disorder)
sydney kristine said:
cruel intentions
splendor in the grass
cant hardly wait
friay night lights
get real
bring it on # 1 - 4
gregorys girl
cooley high
rock'n'roll high school
peggy sue got married
high school
donnie darko
say anything
boys'n' the hood
american graffiti
rebel without a cause
dazed and confused
fast times at ridgemont high
the perfect score
the craft

they are all good movies
Emily said:
10 Things I Hate About you is a very good movie my favorite and 13 going on 30 is very good they're my favorite movies...
lorna said:

there just a few gud 1nes
picture perfect
save the last dance
shes the man
turn it up
the notebook
a little princess
kate said:

parenthood !
katie said:
a good movie is push
anonymous said:
Valentines Day ~ all my friends say it's reli gud
Lee said:
Good movies are. Sydney white ,sleepover,the clique,bratz,race to witch mountain,fame and picture this
irene said:
If you havent watched Keith you should watch it .BEST MOVE EVER
Natalie said:
Remember the Daze
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
Now and Then
The Perfect Game

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