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Celebrities in Town for the USC Game

September 14, 2007 by Karrie

According to the Lincoln Journal Star there will be celebrities in town on Saturday.  In case you are not in the loop: the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be taking on the University of Southern California – you know, where all the celebrities live.  They have confirmed that Will Ferrell will be here, and Keanu Reeves will be too.  There is some talk that Snoop Dogg might come as well, but apparently that is not definite.  There could be more!

I’m sure that I won’t see any of them.  I don’t plan on being anywhere near Memorial Stadium on Saturday.  I will probably be watching the game from the safety of my own living room.  Therefore, I may be able to catch a glimpse of Will Ferrell when the television shows off who is here, but how is that different than watching one of his movies?

Tell me… if there was one celebrity you would want to come to Lincoln so you could meet after the game, who would it be?

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Bob Kelso said:
Ok, listen to this. We already have Larry the Cable Guy who has a reserved seat up in the million dollar club and he's up there at almost every husker game. How many celebrites do we need?? I mean I'm ok with Snoop Dog but Keanu Reeves (dont get mad if I didnt spell it right.) I'm not a real fan of the matrix. Woo Hoo! Neo Is Here! *Snore*

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