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Books, Books, Books!

May 06, 2009 by Susan

Greetings and salutations! 

    As many of you know, there is only one thing I really want you to do and that would be to read!

Hey, at least I'm consistent.

     So in an effort to reach more of you, I am going to start blogging about books. Now I'm kind of old fashioned but to my way of thinking blogging is basically journaling, or keeping a diary online.    

    Periodically I will talk about one book that I absolutely loved, like Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games or I might talk about a trend that I'm noticing like dead narrators or how I think that zombies are the next big thing! (I mean technically Edward could be a zombie, I mean after all he is the walking dead...)  Feel free to respond with your choices or comments because, as you know, I love to read!

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Kar kar/alice cullen said:
HA HA thats funny! but edward cullen could never pull off being a zombie! But James could i wouldnt object to that... any way i wana say... READ MAXIMUM RIDE BEST BOOK SERIES EVER! (right after twilight!)
Admin Comment
Susan Steider said:
Vampires are dead, and zombies are dead too, so Edward could be a zombie. In some stories, necromancers who can control the dead (usually zombies) can also control vampires.

If you like the Maximum Ride series, you should try Stephanie Tolan's Welcome to the Ark.
:D said:

no wonder he wears conventional clothing, with no rips or anything!
it all makes sense now...

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