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Are you missing Television?

February 15, 2008 by Karrie

It appears that the writer's strike is finally over.  How long has that gone on?  Wow am I happy -- and I don't even watch that much television.  But I am so tired of reruns and reality TV (although, I will admit, I like several reality television shows).  But I can't wait 'till television returns to normal.  What shows have you been missing?  I can't wait until Grey's Anatomy is back on.  What will you be tuning into?  Or have you found something better to do? 

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Lindy said:
1) I don't have a lot of time to watch TV because I have lots of home work and I have lots of after school activities.
2) I saw Ellen on her TV show and she was talking about the up coming Thaksgiving. I like her show because she's so funny. She wrote a BOOK READ IT, it called My Point and I Do Have One.
3) A lot of my favorite TV shows are reality shows.
its fun said said:
i love ellen show too it's hilarious. i also love hannah montana
Cody said:
Lets see, I guess I've just been missing Scrubs (like grey's anatomy, but better), My Name is Earl (a guy who turns his life around and gets in all these comical situations), Psych (detective show, they had to end the season early because of the strike.), and also Monk (another detective show, the detective is obsessive compulsive and he likes to clean up everything, and same deal as Psych.) Sorry for the long post! Oh, and did anyone decide anything about Steam?
Marie said:
Not really i dont really watch t.v that much anyways because what is the point. I am to active to ever sit down half the time lol.

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