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American Idol Returns

January 15, 2009 by Karrie

American Idol started back up this week.  Although I absolutely love the show, I don't care for these opening weeks where all we see is auditions.  I did make myself watch a little last night though, and saw that there were (at least) two people from Nebraska audtioning.  Both of them were bad, and didn't make it to Hollywood.  What do you guys think about the new judge, Kara?  She seems good.  Do you think she'll be a good addition to the show, or not?  And do you like watching the auditions.  Do you think that it's mean that they put all the bad people on there just so we can make fun of them?  I heard that ratings were down this year from last year.  Are you still watching?  Do you know anyone who auditioned?

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Marie said:
Nope, nope, and no.
I dont have time to watch t.v that much anymore with all of my current activities that i am doing.
Grace said:
Hey there Kerrie. :D It's meee, Grace! I like American Idol too. I watch it with my momma because I'm nerdish. :p I actually like watching the auditions. I think they're hilarious. [; Did you see that girl in a bikini that challenged Kara? Aha, but she was a good singerrr. :] She got in! I hope she's not as snotty as she lookss. And afterwards she kissed Ryan Seacrest. o . o Anyways. [x I commentedd! Woo hoo me. [:
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Karrie S. said:
I love American idol i love watching the tryouts becuase some people can't even sing its really funny to watch them
Kaitlyn said:
I am proud to say I have never ever in my life watched an American Idol show!!!!! :D
Cody said:
I never have watched American Idol, and never intend to, mostly because, I've never been overly interested in it.
Kerstin said:
I love to watch American Idol.

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