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March 27, 2012 by Susan

Six more weeks until the marathon! With the warmer weather upon us, I have a new training challenge. During the week my running partner is my dog, Mary; she is a 77 pound Lab and she does not take the heat well. Yesterday I had to cut my five mile run short to four miles because Mary was hot. This morning since we were running at 5 a.m., she did better.

The other thing I've noticed recently is that traffic on the trails has increased. I'm used to traffic on the MoPac, but usually the John Dietrichs Trail is deserted. This morning there were bicycles and other people running and walking their dogs. I guess I get a little possessive of my trail, especially since all winter, it seemed like I was the only one using it. Still it's good that other people are out, exercising and enjoying this wonderful weather.

Last week I also started breaking in the shoes I'll wear for the marathon. Running shoes usually last roughly 300 miles give or take some mileage. I tend to be a heel striker so it seems like the heels are the first thing to go on my shoes - based on the wear pattern on the bottom of my Saucony's I could never be a barefoot runner. My new running shoes are also Saucony but they've changed the model a little; it seems as if my heel isn't elevated, that it is even with my foot. It has felt different but so far the new shoes are up to 24 miles and I'm not feeling any ill effects so I think they'll make it to the marathon on May 6th. In the meantime, I'll keep running, and of course, reading!

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