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Preseason training

December 20, 2011 by Susan

     Okay, my marathon class doesn't start until January 5, 2012 but people are expected to have a base of 10-20 miles when they start. So I've been running regardless the temperature or sidewalk condition. In the event of really icy conditions, I do have some cleats that I can wear over my running shoes so I don't slip but I haven't had to wear them yet. What I have found out this year, after the snow we had, is that my dog Mary and I are competing for the same patch of clear sidewalk which doesn't seem entirely fair since she has four on the floor to my two feet.

     This week I've had a difficult time of gauging the weather - yesterday it was 33 degrees when I ran and this morning it was 27 degrees, both mornings I have elected to wear a long sleeve technical shirt in addition to my wind jacket and both mornings I've ended up pushing up the sleeves of my wind jacket. Still I would prefer to do this, than go without my jacket and be too cold, especially when there are days when you go out and you get too warm but when you turn around to come back you find yourself facing the wind.

   Overall, we've had great weather this fall which has made it easier to get out and run. Winter is just moments away and will probably bring some challenges to my training schedule - but should I find myself snowed in, I can always curl up with a book (after I go to the Y and hit the treadmill.)

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