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Picture perfect run

February 06, 2012 by Susan

Saturday it snowed - a lot. As a result of all the snow I did not do my six miles Saturday. Instead I did them on Sunday. Ann always says she has plenty of miles built into the training schedule, but runners are a little OCD, and I felt compelled to get in those miles. Also I knew from past winters that the Lincoln Parks and Rec crew, who are fabulous, would have the bike trails cleared once it stopped snowing and they did. So Sunday morning dawned (okay, it was 10 a.m.), I suited up in appropriate garb and hit the trail. It was beautiful. It was a little icy in places, but with the tree limbs covered in snow arching over the trail, it was very picturesque. There were several points on the trail that I wished that I had a camera but oh well.

This morning I hit the Dietrich's trail and since it was early and dark, I wore my cleats. I have a pair of rubber cleats that I got at Ace's Hardware that I wear over my running shoes when it's icy out. I didn't wear them Sunday since I could see the icy places but I wore them this morning. Dietrich's wasn't too bad; the biggest problem was intersections where the trail met the street, were barricaded with snow left behind by the snow plow from clearing the streets. Still, all in all, I got my runs in and I finished four books this weekend, so my season is going pretty well so far.

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