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Marathon registration is full!

December 29, 2011 by Susan

     You got to love this weather!  It was a balmy 41 degrees this morning when I went to run and I was glad to get out. My schedule has been somewhat disrupted with the holidays and I hadn't ran since last Thursday. I've had no trouble getting out and walking the dog, part of the problem is I'm listening to a good book on my MP3 player which I only do when I walk the dog so it's been easy to talk myself into walking rather than running.

     This morning, though, when I ran I listened to music and the playlist took me back to the '80's with some Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Smiths and a great finish with Big Audio Dynamite.  I also thought about my marathon class which begins Thursday January 5th; it will be good to see my classmates and start training. I'm sure that Ann will be fielding questions from people in the class who may not have registered in time. It took less than a month for the Lincoln Marathon to fill up and now some people will be in a panic, but there are other marathons in other cities to run this spring.  Some of the people in the YMCA class are actually training for the Boston Marathon.

    My goal this year is to try to do more of the extra things necessary to train for the marathon like strength training, stretching and maybe even speed work (let's not get crazy!) And of course, read.

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