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Final days

May 03, 2012 by Susan

Okay, sorry I kind of dropped off the radar there. This year with school ending early, our preparation for summer reading has accelerated and I've fallen behind on keeping you posted of my training. Rest assured that I have still been running, although I didn't run this morning as there was lightning and while I will run in all weather, lightning is a hazard. I will run tomorrow and then on Sunday, I will get up and join the other 9,999 people lining up. If you do happen to be out on the course watching for friends and/or family, I will be towards the back wearing a bright yellow singlet for NF (Neurofibromatosis).

As for after the marathon, well, I have a couple of weeks off and then my training for the Omaha Marathon which is September 23 will begin; in the meantime, I will keep reading. I've finished 69 books this year so far.

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