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Final days

May 03, 2012 by Susan

Okay, sorry I kind of dropped off the radar there. This year with school ending early, our preparation for summer reading has accelerated and I've fallen behind on keeping you posted of my training. Rest assured that I have still been running, although I didn't run this morning as there was lightning and while I will run in all weather, lightning is a hazard. I will run tomorrow and then on Sunday, I will get up and join the other 9,999 people lining up. If you do happen to be out on the course watching for friends and/or family, I will be towards the back wearing a bright yellow singlet for NF (Neurofibromatosis).

As for after the marathon, well, I have a couple of weeks off and then my training for the Omaha Marathon which is September 23 will begin; in the meantime, I will keep reading. I've finished 69 books this year so far.

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March 27, 2012 by Susan

Six more weeks until the marathon! With the warmer weather upon us, I have a new training challenge. During the week my running partner is my dog, Mary; she is a 77 pound Lab and she does not take the heat well. Yesterday I had to cut my five mile run short to four miles because Mary was hot. This morning since we were running at 5 a.m., she did better.

The other thing I've noticed recently is that traffic on the trails has increased. I'm used to traffic on the MoPac, but usually the John Dietrichs Trail is deserted. This morning there were bicycles and other people running and walking their dogs. I guess I get a little possessive of my trail, especially since all winter, it seemed like I was the only one using it. Still it's good that other people are out, exercising and enjoying this wonderful weather.

Last week I also started breaking in the shoes I'll wear for the marathon. Running shoes usually last roughly 300 miles give or take some mileage. I tend to be a heel striker so it seems like the heels are the first thing to go on my shoes - based on the wear pattern on the bottom of my Saucony's I could never be a barefoot runner. My new running shoes are also Saucony but they've changed the model a little; it seems as if my heel isn't elevated, that it is even with my foot. It has felt different but so far the new shoes are up to 24 miles and I'm not feeling any ill effects so I think they'll make it to the marathon on May 6th. In the meantime, I'll keep running, and of course, reading!

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Half way there

March 12, 2012 by Susan

Sorry it's been so long, in addition now to training for the marathon, I have added gearing up for summer reading to my list of things to do! While spring has yet to be sprung, Lincoln City Libraries is gearing up for summer, but I'll save that for another day.

In the meantime, we have reached the half way mark for the marathon, nine weeks have passed since I started training and nine weeks remain until the big day. The weekend runs have moved into double digits and are now followed by cold soaks. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it is the practice of sitting in a bathtub filled with cold water, for at least fifteen minutes. The process helps speed recovery by helping to heal the small muscle tears that occur with long distance training. My husband and dog think I'm crazy because I usually end up using some pretty colorful language when I first get in, but a hot cup of coffee and a book help make the fifteen minutes fly by!

So far, my training has gone well. However the same cannot be said for my friend that I run with on Saturdays. Two weeks ago, she jammed her toe when she stubbed it on something in her dark living room. This meant that I ran my first ten miles by myself, well, to be perfectly honest, I ran the first six miles with my dog, Mary. Then dropped her off and did the last four by myself. This last weekend, Kim, my hobbling friend, ran six miles with me and Mary and then again, I did the last four by myself.

This weekend my miles will increase to twelve. I'm not sure what Kim will do but regardless, we'll be out there getting our miles in and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

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February 16, 2012 by Susan

It is week fourteen of training and right now, it is all about maintaining. February can be a tough month for training. We've had snow twice, both weekends I got my long runs in, just not on the days they were supposed to happen. This Saturday when the alarm went off, I got up and turned it off. The trails were clear; I just didn't have the umph to do it. So this meant one of two things, I could skip my run (*gasp* runners are a little OCD) or I could do it on Sunday. I did it on Sunday.

Monday, however, it snowed and although Parks and Rec cleared the trails, they were a little messy so I walked my dog, noting where there would probably be ice Tuesday morning when I ran. Tuesday I did five miles and moved on. This morning, my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. and I got up, grabbed my running shoes and suited up. My five miles was fine, it wasn't great, I ran it a little slower than usual but I got it done.

In the middle of training, when the weather is cold and it is dark outside, it can be hard to stay motivated but this challenge has kept me focused. I hope that your reading is going as well as my running. My reading is going pretty well too, I've read 25 books to date.  

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Picture perfect run

February 06, 2012 by Susan

Saturday it snowed - a lot. As a result of all the snow I did not do my six miles Saturday. Instead I did them on Sunday. Ann always says she has plenty of miles built into the training schedule, but runners are a little OCD, and I felt compelled to get in those miles. Also I knew from past winters that the Lincoln Parks and Rec crew, who are fabulous, would have the bike trails cleared once it stopped snowing and they did. So Sunday morning dawned (okay, it was 10 a.m.), I suited up in appropriate garb and hit the trail. It was beautiful. It was a little icy in places, but with the tree limbs covered in snow arching over the trail, it was very picturesque. There were several points on the trail that I wished that I had a camera but oh well.

This morning I hit the Dietrich's trail and since it was early and dark, I wore my cleats. I have a pair of rubber cleats that I got at Ace's Hardware that I wear over my running shoes when it's icy out. I didn't wear them Sunday since I could see the icy places but I wore them this morning. Dietrich's wasn't too bad; the biggest problem was intersections where the trail met the street, were barricaded with snow left behind by the snow plow from clearing the streets. Still, all in all, I got my runs in and I finished four books this weekend, so my season is going pretty well so far.

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