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What has been your favorite One Book finalist in the past?

April 12, 2010 by sdc

We're only about two months away from the announcement of the five 2010 One Book One Lincoln finalists! The committee has narrowed the list to 40 titles, and the five finalists should be announced in June. While we're waiting, here's a question for all of you:

Of the 40 past OBOL finalists (available as a list on BookGuide), which has been your all-time favorite?

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Karla Decker said:
Of all the books mentioned I was most moved by "3 Cups of Tea." I loved "Widow of the South." "If Nobody Speaks..." "The Things They Carried."

My favs of the ones actually selected:
"Devil in the White City" "Kite Runner" "Peace Like a River."

Hated "The 13th Tale." and the one about T. R going down the river. (boring. "Lost City of Z" so much more compelling)

Guess I'd like to see more fiction but anything well done would be nice.
Barbara Rixstine said:
I loved The Madonnas of Leningrad, but it wasn't a finalist. Of the actual OBOLs, I liked Peace Like a River the best.

The author Tom Robbins, who was at Doane last week, recommended "The Things They Carried" so that's definitely on my "to read" list, since I didn't read it at the time.
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Scott Clark said:
Although Madonnas may not have been the "selected title" for its given year, it was, indeed one of the five finalists in 2007, so it definitely qualifies for comments here. I'm glad you liked received some of the most positive comments of readers that year!
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Scott Clark said:
Patron Diane R. commented (via e-mail) that her favorite was 2002's "The Last Days of Summer" by Steve Kluger.

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